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This page has been created for all who play the many forms of laser tag, except arena. Sorry, but we have no information about arena laser tag to place on this page.   

In the "Guns and Gear" section you will find a compiling of information (such as prices) for equipment used in home laser tag games.

In the "Modifications" area you can read on how to make or modify weapons and gear.  

The "Player Profiles" contain information and pictures of all who play with the Sterling, Il. League.  Slow loading time, there is a whole lot of people.

The simply titled "Game" section contains everything from our League rules, next game time, and some memorable quotes or stories from previous games.

Have you ever been online and had noting to do? Looking for something to entertain you?  Then look no further! In the "Entertainment" section you can everything from online games, music,  jokes, and more!

"Picture Galleries" is just what it sounds like: galleries of pictures.  Slowly growing with every game, these are pictures of people and places from Laser Tag Sterling.

In unison with Sterling Area Laser Tag you can now access the same chat room from both sites. Soon, you'll be able to reaach no matter what site you come from.





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