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The BulletBoys Unofficial Homepage - The beginnings of a site for Mick Sweda's band after King Kobra.

Carmine Appice's Home Page - The official site for this drumming legend, who played with many other bands before and after King Kobra.

David Michael-Philips King Kobra Stuff - A website from the band's guitarist.

Icon - Great page for one of the bands that David Michael-Philips played in before King Kobra.

Johnny Rod Interview - Killer Johnny Rod interview with Roger Lotring in 1998.

The Official Keel Website - The official site for another band that David Michael-Philips played in before King Kobra.

Kobra - No actual relation aside from the name, but these guys were cool enough to link us and their music is really cool too.

Metal Sludge - Awesome rock website, with tons of interviews, including David Michael-Philips, Mick Sweda, and Carmine Appice. This site is like the Spinal Tap of websites!

Monsters Making Music - The homepage for Mick Sweda's newest band.

The Top 25 Best Male Rock Vocalists - This site has bios for twenty-five of rock's greatest vocalists, including a Mark Free bio.

The Unofficial Keel Website Japan - Cool new Keel website, mostly in Japanese, but still easy to understand.