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    Quote of the moment:

    "Listen Here Tiger........WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BEER CRAP. In No Way Have I Ever Been Related To Some Lame Ass Stable Called The DARK WOLVES. !"

    OverkiLL: 7.3

    Next CARD

    Milon Quinn



    Tony Rolo*

    Card could change.. OverkiLL comes at you LIVE this Thursday from the Alanta Dome, and can only be seen on ATV! "Abomination 1st"*World Title Match*

    Live from Kansas City! It's SideWinder! Saturday!!!

    Shapdaddy Interview

    P.J. Frost
    Mike Swanson


    Marco Javier

    Tonya White's SideWinder will have the "Immortal one" vs. The "Guru". Will Javier show up? Or will he stay in hiding? Karma vs. MaxLow! "Hardcore" Mike Swanson vs. PJ Frost! Shapdaddy will be in the house! Join us on Arlington Network for SideWinder this Saturday!*On Alrington Channel 34*
    Check local listings
  • __IcWa__

    Meltdown will be boadcasted at a later time.

    Check the NewsWire for daily news updates from Raymond Lee and many other IcWa Reporters.

    IcWa presents.. "REVELATION PPV", on November 1st 1999.. OverKill Next Week!

    Give Me E-wrestling or give me Death!


    ::New Intercontinental Champion::

    On Meltdown we saw Xavier Holmes get awarded the IC title! Why? Becouse Jacobs said so that is why!!! The DYNASTY is recieving a hard time by Arlington indursties. Donald Arlington is using his political strings to put a damper on Radder and Gemini! How far will this go? Who knows, but right now Xavier Holmes is awarded the IC belt! Who's decision was this to award the belt to Holmes? Inside sources say that it wasn't Arlington's decsion but really Phillips's and Jacobs. Holmes has shown the front office what it means to have determination and skill to become a champion. How long will he hold on to it with the new wave of competion? That remains to be seen, but anyways... congratulations Xavier Holmes!

    Arlington Ind.!

    ::Arlington presents T.o.C.::

    Arlington putting the iron clad on IcWa

    cWa's T.o.C. has made it know that they are now sponsered by Arlington Industries. You might say, so what! Well this is a big step for T.o.C. since Colosuss was basically kicked from the group the few remaining T.o.C. members have grown in power. As we can see Sleet Wristwell has even gained a title shot to happen on next week's OverkiLL!! Is Arlington using his influence to get Sleet this shot? Your dang right he is! But some have got to wonder why isn't Arlington putting Apocalypes in Sleet's position? Isn't Apocalypes the cornerstone of Arlington's establishment? Somthing doesn't seem right about this, has Sleet got his nose so far up Arlington's booty he can see what he had for lunch? Or is this all a big plan? Since the DYNASTY is showing weakness, Rolo is in serouis trouble. Gemini has not been heard from for weeks and the world title contenders are breathing down "The Specialist's" neck. The Arlington faction has, Dan Faulk, Sleet Wristwell, Apocalypes and Arlington. These 4 power houses are certianly turning the heads of IcWa's officals. Could it be a mater of days before Arlington's men capture the World Title and control the majority of the IcWa? Or will the Arlington faction collapse from the inside as egos eat at each other? Hey lets throw in a wild card! CBT, the Cold Blooded Terror. The only man to ever beat Rolo. Yeah don't forget about him! The man that pinned the legend Dakota Cruz. Could CBT come out on top as the DYNASTY and Arlington industries struggle to keep the title? We have seen it in the past where two factions are so cought up in keeping the other one down that they let the prize slip through their hands. Tune in for more IcWa action as OverkiLL comes this week in Alanta!

    Hall of Famer gone forever?!?

    Last week on Overkill, IcWa's very own "Bad Boy" fought against Mr. Can't Be Trusted, in a career match! The two legendary superstars fought in a "Texas Death Match," meaning they had to get a three count, and then a ten count! But before the match, IcWa Owner, Donald Arlington, made his way to the ring. Shocking us all, he announced "The Pontificator" Sleet Wristwell as the Special Guest Referee! From then on, we all knew it wouldn't be a fair fight.

    The match was one for the books, being one of the hardest fought matches in a very long time. Blood was everywhere, tables were broken, chairs dented! And then something amazing happend, both men were so weak, they both couldn't get up! They could only throw thier hands on top of each other, as Wristwell made the count!

    As Wristwell counted. . . the rest of a Touch of Class, Dan Faulk, Donald Arlington, and Apocalypse came to the ring. As Dakota Cruz got up to gain the victory, Ponty hit him with a chair! Faulk pulled CBT to his feet on the outside, and Sleet awarded the victory to Mr. CBT! Why did ToC pull this stunt? Why did they care?

    Want to know more? CBT is angry, and words have been flying between he and "The Smartest Man Alive." What will happen this week on OverkiLL when Rolo and Wristwell tango for the World Heavyweight Title? Will CBT return the favor to Sleet for injecting himself into the match? Hold on to your seat we are in for a ride!!


    The Champs

    tripped of the belts? That is right fans! Gemini the top team in IcWa has been stripped of the coveted IcWa tag titles! Why? Some say Arlington is behind it, other say that Genisis's and Prime's snobbish antics, of not showing up for title defenses are the reason. Who cares the reason, all we know is that the Tag Titles are vaccent again! But Gemini still have the titles in there possesion, at OverkiLL this Thursday, they will face X-Rated. It won't be for the titles though becouse Gemini is no longer the Tag champions. What will Jacobs do about this? Some belive he will hold a one time match between the top 2 tag teams in the fed. Gemini will probley not be inclused in this match seeing they are the ones that where stripped. Who will it be? Tune in later to find out!

    Big Man!


    n IcWa's Meltdown we saw the Champion Dan Faulk apply his "Plundge" move, obvouisly it was an attempt to further injure the Colosusal one. But did he? Doctors are saying that his condition is delecite, but some belive regardless of what the doctors say Colosuss will compete on OverkiLL in thee triple threat match. Is it that simple though? There seems to some kinda rumor surrounding this match! Yes that is right, a stigma is surrounding this match. Dan Faulk is not telling the whole story about this match, when will he reveal the stiplatuions? Tune in to OverkiLL on ATV Thursday Night!
    FCC chairman


    With the recent "Ed Tugman" scandle the IcWa has decided to make a couple of roster cut-backs, (Also with the recent drop in Roleplays we have to do this to make room for talent that will make roleplays.) Stone Phillips annouced today, Monday, October 11th. 1999 at 12:42 am. he recieved a letter from the head guy himself. Jim Jacobs. Jacobs ordered that the following roster members be fired and only used for house shows, they will be payed per appearance from now on.

    Nathon Cage
    Nokio De-La Vega
    Mike Bessette
    Doug Johnson
    Beck Thomas
    Randy Payne
    Panny Magee

    If you name appears on this list and you still wish to be apart of IcWa i suggest you email Jax of the talent relations department. This is not an angle. More names will be added to this list soon becouse of lack of rp's. We are making room for new talent that will sweep across the roster like it did a couple of months ago. I would like to just point out that all of the above people earned many banners with IcWa, as well as pics. It takes along time to get the right banners and pic for each charactor. That is why it takes months to earn a pic and sometimes even a banner on this site, becouse we don't know if you will be dedicated. So a word of advice to the new comers, with every wave a new talent the IcWa recieves we must enforce the rules and make sure you follow them. The main rules are 1. If you cuss Never say "G-D" it offends me as well as much of the roster. Cussing will usually get you nowhere here, good quality rp's do. 2. All people go through the grinder when they come to IcWa, at first you are a Jobber, regardless of what fed you came from and who you beat in the past. The top stars in this fed have been here along time, they been through the grinder, and stuck it out. That is why they are stars. Don't walk in and say, "I am the biggest thing to hit IcWa ever... Rolo give me a title shot" becouse if he grants the shot, unless you are the best rp'er in the history of the web, chances are you might lose, you have to earn everthing in this fed, from banners to repect. 3. Learn to accpet losses as well as wins. A well rounded charactor knows how to take a loss, a not indepth charactor might kill himself! 4. Angles and storylines are 80% more important in IcWa than belts, infact a good angel can earn you a belt easily. Just get the attention on you, email the bookers and discuss your ideas, email each other and make deals about angles! DRAW ATTENTION TO YOURSELVES!

    As for now that list needs about 3 more people on it, but i am going to give them one more chance. I am not going to say who, i am just going to sit and watch. More will be added later, but hopefully they won't!

    --Jim Jacobs

    BIG dynasty

    ::Losing Power?::

    With the emergance of Alrington's empire it seems that Rolo's insurance policy is losing steam! Could it be that Arlington has gained so much control of IcWa that he is choking out the DYNASTY? The DYNASTY holding 4 of the fed's belts be headed for destruction? Could the DYNASTY end up like the Wreckin Foundation, a strong group with no couse and dedication? Or is this what the DYNASTY wants the IcWa to belive? The best wepon in war fare is to make your ememies belive you are weak. If that is the case then the WF is the strongest stable in the IcWA!!!! What are the Dynasty's movites? To be truthful, Gemini works as a whole differnt faction as the rest of the DYNASTY goes. Tony Rolo really doesn't meet with Gemini that much so some wonder if there is really any leadership in the DYNASTY. Could Rolo be losing his Dream Team? Milon Quinn as well as Radder have been missin in action as well! Will the DYNASTY just fade away like past super stables?

    usual supects

    Tony 2x and Vega

    IcWa has seen many great tag teams over the past 10 months, from the Thomas Brothers, to Gemini. All teams have claimed to be the best. Usual Suspects are one of those teams, with the recent incarnation of X-Rated, another team from the WF faction the Usual Suspects seem to be like older brothers to the younger X-Rated. But what if competiveness got into the way of these stable mates? Would the X-Rated team back down to let the Usual Suspects win? Or would it be an all out war as X-Rated fights for the number one tag team of the world? What if the Thomas brothers would return to IcWa? Gemini vs. Thomas vs. Usual Suspcets would be a ground shaking Historic match. You never know though, X-Rated might be around long enough to be placed in the short list of teams that have effected IcWa the most! Tune in to IcWa's OverkiLL next week to see a classic battle between GeMiNi and X-Rated!

    Mr. Bad mouth of IcWA!

    ::Ciccone still in hiding::

    Ciccone, the man wanted for the Ed Tugman scandle is still at large today. Mario Ciccone aka. Mgodd of the IcWa superstars has reported to have stolen 14.6 Million Dollars from his respected company. Marco Javier, aka. Guru, is an acomplise of the notourouis Mgodd. Javier was captured at IcWa's ThrasH show when he was to face Colosuss, but instead dressed as a camera man and sneak attacked Colosuss and Pitbull Powers, in the confusion Sheri Mone' counted a 1..2..3 count on Colosuss awarding Powers the IC belt. Guru spent a month in jail and was lost in the system due to sloppy paper work. Yes that is right, Javier is loose, although athorities say that "Mob connections where not a case" in this incodent other belive other wise. Ciccone and Javier are belived to be hidding out in the middle of the mid United States. If you have seen or know of the where abouts of Marco Javier, or Mario Ciccone then please call 1-800-America-Wanted.


    IcWa's biggest ppv to date! IcWa will present "REVELATIONS" live from the Boston Civic Center!


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