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name: alyssa nicole
hobbies: playing drums (i'm's fun!), reading, photography. 
likes: josiah, picture frames, tippi, polaroids, ET, miss dog, bass players, acoustic guitar, lamps, candles, music, my antique furniture, waiting tables, comfy shoes, aromatherapy, email, shows, the powerpuff girls, old movie theatres, MY drumset, tinkerbell, CA, the ocean, swimming, mix tapes, hot tea & nutter butters, dr. pepper, daisys, surprises, postcards, phone calls.
dislikes: really grouchy people, missing david, dishes. 
my boyfriend gone :( he's in a band called sidewalk slam. they are on a two month tour with the dingees and ghoti hook. he plays bass and he's awesome and i miss him sooo much.