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Self-injury in the spotlight

Many thanks to the members of BUS who helped me compile this!

Articles (March 11, 2002): A young woman comes to terms with "cutting" article "Self-Injury and how to help
Jane Magazine Jan/Feb 2001: "Fly on the Wall"
PsycPort News Story "Suffering in Silence"
Chronicle newspaper article "The Unkindest Cut"
CPYU Newsletter "Crying Through Their Cuts
Seventeen Magazine June 1996: "Razor's Edge"
"Good Morning, America" show segment "Coping By Cutting" article Self-injury poorly understood problem


SI featured in March 20 episode of "Strong Medicine"
The SI episode of "Seventh Heaven"
Celebrities who self-harm
"Secret Cutting" USA Network original movie Website
"Girl, Interrupted" (the characters Susannah, Lisa, and Daisy)(
"28 Days" (Sandra Bullock's room mate)


Tori Amos "Precious Things"
Tori Amos "Silent All These Years"
Natalie Merchant "My Skin"
Indigo Girls "Blood and Fire"
Papa Roack "Last Resort"
Nine Inch Nails "Hurt"
Tears for Fears "Watch Me Bleed"
Jack Off Jill "Strawberry Gashes"
Throwing Muses and Kristin Hersh "Delicate Cutters"
Throwing Muses and Kristin Hersh "Soul Soldie"
Manic street preachers "Roses in the hospital"
Goo Goo Dolls "Iris"
Sara McLachlan "Angel"?
Cold "Bleed"

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