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Team Psychology

The process for success as a team (whether two members or twenty-four) is much more complex than what it takes for an individual to succeed. The cliche "the whole is more than just the sum of its parts" is very true; however, for this concept to work, everyone on the team must work toward a common goal.

For skaters to function as a team, first they all must think like a team. Terry Orlick, Ph.D., the president of the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence, writes:

"We cannot win in team situations or in relationships by ourselves. It is like trying to pick up a pencil with only one finger...Even if that one finger is extremely strong, it will prove almost impossible to pick up that pencil unless you use your other fingers or some other part of your hand. Teamwork is a bit like using all of your fingers. Each one is unique and contributes something different, but they unite in pursuit of a common goal."

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