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Star Ocean: The Second Story Review
Star Ocean:  The Second Story
PSX Game Review
	Well, I gotta start out by saying that this is a really great game.  There are over 80
endings (iím pretty sure there are 86).  Isnít that enough just to wanna buy the game! 
This game will give you hours upon hours of gameplay.  It is  a 2 CD game and lets you
pick between two characters to start.  Over all through the game you can get alot of
characters.  Total there are 12.  But you can only get 8 in your party in one game.  In Star
Ocean: The Second Story, there is something called private actions.  Before you enter a
town you can hit the square button and it will split up your party and they will all go do
something on there own, until the you(the character you picked) goes to the exit of the
town.  Doing this in every town will dramaticly change the game for better and for
worse(You will understand once you start playing)  But it is very cool.  Well if you played
the original Star Ocean (which I doubt alot of you have) you might remember the main
characther Ronixis J. Kenni.  Well, one of the characters you get to pick is his son Claude
C. Kenni.  Claude recently joined the Earth Federation.  He does not like the idea of being
with the Earth Federation, which his father forced him to join.  This makes him have little
respect for his father.  In the beginning of the game, Claude, his father, and a few other
crew members(from his fathers ship), go to a planet to check a strange energy.  They find
the source, but Claude wanders off and gets sucked into a portal and lands on a
mysterious planet.  He is in what looks like a jungle.  Then he sees a girl walk into view,
but before he can say anything a big creature comes from behind her.  Claude runs up to
the creature and....
Sorry canít ruin the beginning of the game for ya.  But Claude does use a sword in the
game and can equip the best armor, but cannot cast spells.
The second character you can be is a girl named Rena Lanford.  The story starts off with
her running into Shingo Forest.  She goes to the forest all of the time to just take a break
from the world.  But this was not an ordinary trip to the forest, she goes a little deeper in
this time.  And all of the sudden out of no where she sees a big creature charging at her,
she screams and then sees a blonde haired man running at the creature, hopefully trying to
save her....
Like I said I donít want to ruin the beginning of the game for ya.  Rena casts healing
spells.  She also gets some attack spells.  She equips glove weapons, which are not to
strong.  I suggest leaving her in the back to cast healing spells.  The armor she gets is
pretty crappy to.  But she shouldnt be needing it as long as you have a couple strong
fighters in your party (Claude).
These are the names of all the characters you can get in the game

Claude Kenni
Rena Lanford
Celine Jules
Ashton Anchors
Opera Vectra
Ernest Raviede
Precis F. Newman
Bowman Jean
Dias Flac
Leon D. S. Geeste
Noel Chandler
Chisato Madison
I will be making individual Character reviews. That may take a little bit though