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RE Zero Info
Resident Evil Zero Update

GameSpot News Wednesday learned specifically about
 the second playable character
 in Resident Evil Zero for the Nintendo 64. We know that players will
 primarily control the Bravo Team rookie, Rebecca Chambers, 
and, as was previously announced, there will be an unnamed male character
 who will star in the
 game as well. Today, we learned that this character's name is Billy Cohen.
 A former Navy Seal, he was accused of mass murder and managed to escape
 while being
 transported to prison. Players will be able to switch between Rebecca and Billy anytime during gameplay. 

Notably, in Resident
 Evil Zero, there won't be item boxes for storing your items, but you'll be
 able to exchange items between the two playable characters. In RE Zero, 
you'll pick up an item and leave behind another from your inventory if you 
can't carry all of them.

Resident Evil Zero will be on the show floor of Tokyo Game Show 2000 in Japan.