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FF8 Review
Final Fantasy 8
PSX Review

My first review will be about ff8 since I am a huge fan of the final fantasy
series. Anyways I will get right to it, the game is about a 17 year old named
Squall who joined the school of Balamb Garden as a young boy to become a
member of SeeD. Balamb Garden is the place where kids are put that want to
train to become powerful magic trainees but if they never graduate from the
garden during the ages of 15 and 18 they become expelled. When the game
starts he finally gets to do his first real mission but he happens to get teamed
up with his arch-rival Seifer who also has to be the leader of the group
SquadB. Seifer is a person who has a short temper and also uses a gunblade
just like Squall and will become a big part of the game later on in the game.
The first mission ends up successful and leads into many others through out
the story and as it continues you will find out more about your character and
you will also see how Rinoa starts to have feelings for Squall. How will this
end up as love, just play and I think you'll figure it out. I will now go on to
mention Edea. She is a powerful sorceress (quite possibly the best ine the
world) who wants seems to want control over the world. Squall and his
friends run into her first at a parade that takes place when they are on a
mission attempt to assasinate her. I don't want to say to much about the game
so I should probably just stop here, but there is something else I do want to
say that is in it. As you go through the game you will notice that you get cards
that you can either trade in for various items or you can just collect them.
Later you will get to play people from a card club for something, I have no
idea what it is yet because I still don't know who the leader of this club is.
The members of this club include the Jack, Club, the Diamond twins, the
Queen, and the King. Good luck with this and the rest of the game. I strongly
recommend you play this game especially if you are an rpg fan. I would also
like to thank you for reading this. If you have any suggestions on how I could
make my reviews better please feel free to e-mail me at the address below.