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FF3 Midis
These are FF3 Midis. I'm pretty sure it is every piece of music in the game becasue there is 105 different midis!

FF8 Midis
This is the complete set of FF8 music. If your a big FF8 fan then, you will love this.

FF7 Midis
RPG Lovers like me love all of the classic music from this game. Im sure you all will love this to.

FFT Midis
Once again another set of great midis from a Final Fantasy game. This is a winner.

Golden Eye 007 Midis
Midi collection from the hit N64 game Golden Eye 007.

Mario Party midis
I personally don't own N64 but I've played this game and it is pretty good. And if you like the music then you will like this set of midis.

Super Mario 64 Midis
I don't have anything to say about this!

Wild Arms Midis
Sorry, I have never played this game, but some of the music sounds ok.

WWF Warzone Midis
This game is great but if you like sounds from the game thats "ok".

Zelda Ocarina of Time Midis
I love this game and this has all of the classic music from the original Nintendo version along with the new stuff. It is a pretty good set of midis if you are a big Zelda fan.