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Stuff bout Brian

My name: Brian Wood
My id's: Bigwood42, midnite_mischief
Where I live: Illinois

Ok, so my name is Brian Wood. I live in a small town in Illinois. Actually, I live in the country. My dad is a farmer. We have 4,300 acres, NO LIVESTOCK!,just corn and beans. I will be a Freshman at Lincolnwood Jr/Sr High. I am very athletic and play all sports(exept for football cause our school cant afford the equipment for it). I played baseball in Springfield for the Springfield Flame. We ended up being 39-14 and won 3 tournys and got 2nd in 2. Our basketball team pretty much sucked, but I've made All-tourny Team two years in row. There aint much to say bout soccer. When I am bored, I'll go outside and ride my 6 wheeler, get on net, and play basketball. That's good enough for now!