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Adopt A Cyber Jellicle

I love cyber pets! Who doesnít? I like to adopt them and now I have some of my own up for adoption. If you own a site, please take one of my adorable little Jellicles and give it a nice home on the web. All you have to do is right-click on the image, save it, and use it on your site. I only ask one thing in return: Put a link up to my site. I am giving you these free Jellicles, so I donít think a link is too much to ask for. Remember, just because you adopted a Macavity or Demeter that does not mean that no one else can adopt the same one. I have an infinite supply. And you can only adopt up to three from my site. If I find too many of one Jellicle all over the web, I may close adoption for that one or people may get tired of seeing it. Well, thanks for reading this.


All the ones below this line are NEW!!