The "Ugly Cubs" list recieved devestating blows during the offseason with the losses of Gary Gaetti, Mickey Morandini, and the late season trade of Rod Beck. There will be a new top 5 when the season starts, but for now heres the winners when the season ended in '99.

5. Scott Sanders

Hi my name is Scott Sanders and I look like I'm retarded!

4. Sammy Sosa

Looks more like an ape who was given hormones and trained to hit home runs. This picture makes him look better than he really looks.

3. Manny Alexander


2. Mickey Morandini

This lanky loser can't hit or get any chicks.

1. Gary Gaetti

The Minnesota Twins had scientists create a half-man, half-rat in a lab and see if it could play baseball. Turns out it couldn't so they got rid of him and he later ended up with the Cubs.

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