Don't let him fool you with that act like he's shocked and hurt that people from the Dominican Republic are pissed at him. He knows he's a dickhead and he's just faking it to save his repuation in the U.S. Sosa has been criticized on radio shows and in newspapers in San Pedro de Macoris for not doing enough for the city, still recovering from Hurricane Georges. Sosa was booed by some fans in right field when he threw out the first pitch at a winter league game Oct. 26 in San Pedro. "Sammy Sosa said he was going to rebuild 1,000 houses in San Pedro de Macoris and he hasn't done it," Mayor Sergio Cedeno said. The city also invited Sosa to attend a ceremony at the San Pedro post office when it inaugurated a special "Sammy Sosa 66" seal after the '98 season. Sosa asked for an appearance fee. So Sammy Sosa, the guy who loves his home Country, the guy who makes 10 million a year from the Cubs plus tons more in advertisements, can't give some money to the country he supposedly would do anything for? What a jerk! "Never is it enough. I want the people in the United States to know I've only done the best I can to help my people. I can only do so much. I can't do everything... I'm still going to be me, I still believe in God." AWwwwwwww.... everybody feel sorry for him.