One of the biggest reasons the Cubs blow is because of manager Jim Riggleman. He's such a great manager because he knows how it is to be a major league player. He was never a major league player. That's so Cubs like to hire a manager who never played in the majors. I guess the movie "Rookie of the Year" where the Cubs get a kid to pitch for them wasn't that far fetched.

The New York Times recently did a story on gay baseball player Billy Bean. Here he talks about a "special friend" of his while he was playing for the Padres...

"It was great, I'd get to the yard early, sit in my locker feeling the adrenaline kick in, and then walk out into that beautiful setting, feeling this is the day I'll get some knocks, maybe hit a bomb. There was a great manager there, Jim Riggleman, who gave me a lot of encouragement."
Riggleman, now the manager of the Chicago Cubs, remembers Bean fondly.
"Class act, everybody loved Billy on the club (especially me)," Riggleman said. "It surprised me that he's gay (yeah right), but it doesn't diminish my (gay) feelings. He was one of the most pleasurable guys to (have gay sex with) manage. He was such a good (gay lover) guy that I think it would have been all right on the club. The news crews, that might have made it tough."

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