Yea, that's right! What are you gonna do, cry?! hahahaCubsSuckLinks

White Sox Interactive
Best site around! (well, if youre a Sox fan)
Official site of the White Sox. zzzz
Official site of the Cubs
The Cubs site is nothing more than a shrine to Sosa... which it should be because hhe IS the Cubs.
New York Mets
They are rivals with the Cubs, and know what it's like playing in another teams shadow.
St. Louis Cardinals
Their used to be more of a rivalry between the Cards and Cubs before the Sosa/McGwire B.S. softened it.
Milwaukee Brewers
Our friends to the north became new rivals with the Cubs when they joined the N.L.
Cleveland Indians
A team I hate as much as the Cubs.
Baseball stats web
The place to go for all kinds of stats!
Green Bay Packers
Cubs fans and Sox fans alike, either hate them (most), or love them. I hate Chicago Packer fans more than Cub fans!
ok, it has nothing to do with the Cubs sucking, but they rock!

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