Cubs Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best team ever!

Why do I make this site? The crosstown rivalry between the northside and southside of Chicago isnt just about baseball. The Sox represent ghettos, people who can't make it to every single game because they have to work, people who don't like you if you're a losing team. The Cubs represent cute little neighborhoods, yuppies who ditch work to go to games, artsy crap, coffee houses, and fans who know nothing about the team they support. After last years Cubs/Sox series at Comiskey. They had a Sox announcer and a Cubs announcer do the game, I'm not sure who exactly they were. Some Sox fans were throwing empty beer bottles at Mark Grace while he was doing an interview for the post game show on the radio. The Cubs announcer said "This is terrible, this wouldve never happened at Wrigley" and the Sox anouncer replied "Yea, they wouldnt be throwing beer bottles, theyd be throwing Cafe Mochas at him!" HAHAHAHA! See that tells you something about the difference between the sides.

I started this site for the fans of the Chicago White Sox and anyone else who hates the Cubs. It's my way of fighting back. Cubs fans think they are better and most of 'em don't know anything about the team they allegedly support. We, the Sox fans, are the minority. The Sox can go 140-20 and the Cubs could go 20-140 in the same year, and the media would still make it sound like the Cubs are the better team. Almost everything the Sox do goes unnoticed. We've been through it all, terrible management, the loss of our ballpark, our team almost moving to Florida.... the Cubs and their fans don't know anything, they are too busy being happy in their beautiful little antique ballpark watching Sammy and friends lose. The purpose of this site is to show everyone who the real fans in Chicago are, and to show Sox and Cubs fans what the media doesn't want them to know, the Cubs Suck!

If you have any ideas, stories, pictures, corrections, anything at all you would like to add, or want me to put up a link to your site, I would be more than happy to put it up, unless it really really sucks.

Please e-mail me anything you've got. I could use all the help I can get!

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