All Sox fans know it, the Communist Chicago Tribune owns the Cubs so they bash the Sox and praise the Cubs in their stupid commie newspaper. It doesn't matter if the Sox have 100 wins and the Cubs have 100 loses. They will write and leave stats out and talk about how Sammy Sosa is hitting homeruns and how Comiskey's upper deck sucks. Not only does the Tribune love the Cubs and hate the Sox, but so does WGN radio and tv, as well as CLTV (Cub Lovers Television). hmmmm.... what do they have in common? oh yea they are all owned by the Tribune! If you watch CLTV, 99% of the time its the Cubs story first and how the Sox did is as important to them as how the Vancouver Grizzlies did. When they show clips of the Sox for a story they go out of their way to find the games where Comiskey is the least full. If you've ever seen that WGN radio commercial on TV they show an animation of the Chicago skyline with Wrigley Field standing out. In it and a guy says "I love WGN, its Chicago, its the Cubs." The evidence shows clearly that they love the Cubs and hate the Sox.