Think back to April, 1999. Everyone was talking about how the Cubs were going to be so great in 1999. They had a shot at winning the NL Central, and they could always win the wild card again, right? I mean they have Mark Grace and 1998's MVP Sammy Sosa. And they have Kerry Wood and Rod Beck, and Steve Trachsel is pretty good too. And everyone seemed to be right. In June they were 16 games over .500 and 1 game behind first place. Also in June the Cubs were swept at home by the White Sox, and the Cubs went on an amazing downward spiral finishing 1999 a pathetic 67-95, in last place. Cubs fans try to make excuses for why they sucked in '99, but there is no excuse. The Cubs just suck. They had almost the same lineup as they did last year. And what about the home run race?? Sosa loses to McGwire again. He had a huge lead with a month left in the year and everyone thought he'd break the record. Then Sosa went cold in late September and McGwire took the lead.