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Jellicle Transformation

I know you've all wanted to be Jellicles, right? Well, now you can be one. Not really, but you can make your own costume so you look like one. I will try to update this page as often as I can. If you have any tips for me, please send them and I'll take note of them. Good luck!!!

Making your headpiece
Making your tail
Making your collars
Doing your make-up
Working on your unitard or body suit
Doing your leg warmers
Your front and back paws
Finished costumes
Tips for your costume
The Extras

Quick and Easy Costumes

Are you interested in having a CATS costume, but don't want to make the wig or tail? Well, I have an offer for you. I will make wigs and tails for a rather small price. All you have to do is fill out these forms at the links below.

I'm accepting orders again, but you may notice that I've raised the prices a bit. This is because of all the time and effort put into each wig and tail.

Order a tail
Order a wig

Note: The e-mail form on the wig page is down, so please read the instructions at the bottom.


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