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Colt Cabana is one of the most dedicated and hungry pro wrestlers to travel the wrestling circut in quite some time. Colt has spent years dedicating his whole life to the sport of pro wrestling. Colt has extensive training from his early years at the Steel Domain Training Center until present time where he's studied wrestling ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Colt Cabana has a passion for pro wrestling unlike many today and much like many that have come before him. Due to such a love for wrestling, Mr. Cabana also has a passion for passing on the knowledge and wisdom that he has gained in his 7+ years of experience on the professional wrestling circut. This is why Colt loves teaching and training various pro wrestling seminars across the world.

Listen to what some of the promoters have to say about Colt Cabana's past pro wrestling seminars:

"In June of 2005, we had the great honor of hosting a clinic conducted by, Colt Cabana. Unquestionably, this was the most informative clinic we had ever hosted. Cabana paid very close attention to detail as he took students step by step through a wrestling match. After his precise in ring instructions, Cabana took the time to carefully answer all of our questions. I would highly recommend Cabana's services to anyone who is looking to brush up on their wrestling skills. It truly was a privilege to have such a great man in our gym."-Osyris, UWA Hardcore (Toronto, Canada)

"The Camp that Colt conducted at NWA Upstate was top notch he covered all aspects of the Business. I believe that each wrestlers got something out of the camp that they will carry on for the rest of there career."-Mike Risaro, NWA Upstate (Rochester, NY)

"Colt's training camp provided an excellent opportunity to a number of students to learn the psychology and styles not normally taught in tradional schools. His knowledge and experience will provided to be invaluable to your students."-Joe McDonald, NWA Central States (Kansas City, KS)