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Name: Colt(Colton) Cabana

Alias: "Classic"

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 235 lbs

Hometown: Maxwell Street in Chicago, IL

Favorite Moves: Flying Ass, "Dusty" ElbowStrikes, Asai Moonsault, Frankenstiener.

Finisher: Colt 45 , Lariat, "RamMan" Top Rope DropKick, Lakeshore Drive

Titles Held:


Theme Song: Copa Cabana Remix by Kidd Russell

Quote: "Good Times, Great Memories"

PWI 500:#67 (2006)      # 95 (2005)      # 156 (2004)      # 242 (2003       # 292 (2002)

Int'l Promotions::

US Promotions:


Since the age of 3, Colt quite vividly recalls watchin Andre the Giant getting his haircut in a handicapped match on WWF television. That was his first memory of pro wrestling. The only dream Colt ever had was to be a wrestler. Yes he loved playing football and hanging out with chicks, but his only full fledge dream was to step in the squared circle like the heros he watched on TV while growing up.

Colt actually started doing research in Jr. Highschool on different wrestling schools around the country. Making sure he know all the correct options. Colt, despite completely blowing out his MCL in his Senior year of highscool six games into the season, still ended up an All Area football player and caught the attention of the Division 1A football team, Western Michigan Broncos.

Colt ended up playing football for the Western Michigan Broncos in 1998 along side with future WWE Tough Enough winner, Matt Cappotelli. After his first season, he couldn't take no wrestling anylonger and decided to finally put an end to his football career and finally start his dream of becoming a pro wrestler.

Inbetween Froshman and Sophmore year of college, Colt stayed in Chicago training to be a pro wrestler. He trained at The Steel Domain Training Center under the influence of Ace Steel (WXO/NOAH) & Danny Dominion (WWA/WXO). Colt trained that whole summer, never missing one day of training and even coming in for extensive one-on-one training on days off

From that point on Colt has fullfilled his dream of being a pro wrestler. He also finished up his college education earning a bachelor's degree in business-marketing.

Colt has gone through many of the hardships that many of the greats have gone through. Long trips, small pay, constant injuries and missing everyday events seem to be just part of the job now. This didn't stop Colt at all though. He was destine to be the best pro wrestler he could be and make an impression on others, the way they did to him when he was a child

Presently, Cabana wrestles all over the world. He's achieved many of his goals and lives out his dream everyday, one day at a time. Colt is a true student of the game. He eats, sleeps and lives pro wrestling. Colt's career is only going skywards. Thanks for reading and keep yourself updated to to see where Colt is headed to.