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     Money, Money, Money!!!

The Buck Stops Here 

The largest paper bill that was ever in circulation was $10,000. The  largest bill that is in circulation today is the $100.00 bill. All the paper money in the United States is made in Washington, D.C. and  Fort Worth, Texas by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. What words appear on all money issued by the United States government? Let's look at some old bills that were issued during the Civil War. Here's one from 1917.  Now click here and go to the History of Money to take a short quiz to see what you have learned so far. Also play Find the Fifty Game.

If you need help with the meaning of a word  click on me.

(And remember to click on all the underlined words. Then, after you're  done, hit the back button to return and follow my  hat.)