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Links to other CATS pages

If you want a link added for your site, just e-meow me and I'll visit it. If I think it's appropriate and a good site I'll add a link. And having your page in my linx section will make you elligible for The Tugger Award. Also, it would mean a lot to me if you would add a link to my site from yours. And especially if you could use the banners, which were made by Bretty (thanks Bretty) Here they are!

Links to other CATS sites

Psalmity's Corner of the Junkyard-
This page has funny fan-fictions, downloads, Jellicle Adoption, and more cute stuff

Munkustrap Kitty's Cats Layer-
Currently under construction, when it's back up it will have tons of neat stuff. A must-see.

The World of Jellicle Cats-
This page has everything! Trading post, games, and all sorts of other neat stuff. A definite must-see.

Powder's Cats Page-
This site has the busiest CATS RPG Forum on the net. I play tons of characters. Good info too.

Kimmy's Jellicle Fairy Tales-
This is a really neat stuff. It gives some info I had no idea about. I definitely recommend it!

Jemima's Homepage-
I really like this site. A lot of neat images. It also has some good info.

Lacy's Jellicle Moon-
I got most of my downloads here. It's a neat site by someone I met on an RPG. Another must-see.

The CATS Video Site-
This is the official CATS video page. Some neat downloads and good makeup information.

Jennifer's Jellicle Junkyard-
This site is very funny and very informative. Be sure to read Spazzy Comics.

Minifire's Palace
There's not a whole lot to this site yet, but it's off to a good start.

This page is all MIDIs. It has a ot of good songs.

Tiggertailz Playground
This page has CATS, Pokemon, and some other cute stuff.

Bombalurina's Cats Site-
This is a pretty cool site. It looks very promising.

Tantomile's Tire-
This is a GREAT CATS site. The owner made my cool banners, and will probably make some for you if you request them. Non-Jellicle Sites

Allie's Pet Tips-
A cute site by one of my friends. She has some neat stuff about her pets and tips for your own pets. Metra's Starlight Express RPG-
Just what it says. A page with an RPG about another one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals.