Alilabonia's Jellicle Dead?

Saturday, November 4th, 2000

I don't know what it was that made me choose to shut down Alilaboniaís Jellicle Tails, or better known as, CATS Fanfic World. I suppose it simply was that the desire to update and to create left me. Fanfic World was fun at the beginning, but like all web-pages, it became a bit of a hassle. Or perhaps itís due to the fact that I donít have that much time anymore to write fanfics and work on the page. Iím in high school now and besides having to work harder on my homework, Iím involved in a lot of activities for the school and it cuts down my internet time a lot.

Iím also finding it incredibly difficult for me to finish my stories I was writingÖI donít know, I guess Iím not into CATS as much as I used to be, because all my inspiration to work on them has wilted and perished. I suppose watching the CATS video 168 times and listening to the soundtrack a total of 250 hours plus beats it to death and it grows stale in your mind. Anyflip, um, every single thing is gone I think, except for the links page and the logo. Pfft, take the logo if you want. A) it sucks and B) I couldn't care less.

Well, working on this page has been very fun and Iím sure it was fun for you too, everyone. But like a blossoming flower, it had to die off eventually. Rest in peace, my wonderful CATS fanfiction site, just two months and two days short of its first birthday.

Oh, and Iíd also like to thank the following darlings who helped out with this page. It was them who kept me going for the few short months I was going:

1. Thanks to all the wonderful, talented authors who submitted their stories, poems, and fanfiction to this site. Without you, this page would have ceased to exist. I loved every single fanfic on this page, you are all such wonderful people!

2. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Pieville, who gave me my first and only award! Thank you VERY, much, Iím very grateful for that.

3. Thanks to all the people who put a link to my site on their pages. Without you, the counter on this page would have never reached 1,061 hits.

4. Thanks to all the peeps at Butler who came to came to see my page! (That would be Osmaan, Christine, Amanda, andÖWill? Didnít you see my page once? Oh well.)

5. Thanks to all of my online friends who personally supported me while I worked on my page: Meg (a.k.a. Megz or Virgo), Wobini (a.k.a. My Sweet Baboo), Taline (a.k.a Tal or Tally-Pally), Isis (a.k.a. Icy), Hailey (remind me to give you a decent nickname!), and Mad (a.k.a. Nosaj or Poppiní Fresh *pokes him good-naturedly*)

Well, I guess this is goodbye, everyone. Sorry it all had to end like this. But donít be sad. PerhapsAlilaboniaís Jellicle Tails will return some day. And Iím planning on making other webpages too that wonít require that much matinence. Perhaps even another CATS page. You never know.

CATS, now and forever!

Alison, a.k.a Alilabonia

P.S. Oh, and there's a number of places where you can find me on the world wide web, in case you want to contact me.

1. The most simplest way? Email me. I still check the Alilabonia's Jellicle Tails email addy regularly. So feel free to drop a note!

2. Want to chat live with me? My AOL screename is "MissAliGirl16" so feel free to IM me. My Yahoo! screename, though I don't use it that often, is "alilabonia". Of course.

3. I also still do stuff on CATS websites. I play on rpg's a lot. I usually go as my real name, Alison, but if it's Allybellas, Alilabonia, Shazz, Boosh or Boudjee it's sure to be me too.

4. You can join my RPG! Check out Waikiki: A Hawaiian Beach RPG if you're interested! We're looking for more players!