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This is the page where I put bloopers from the movie. This is meant to be funny and entertaining and is in no way meant to offend the cast who worked so hard to put on this production. If you have noticed anything that I missed, please send it to me. And take note that a few are not bloopers, they are just things that are fun to notice. I should have more when me and my friend can get together to watch it.
  1. During The Old Gumbie Cat when the mice come out, Jemima has a hard time getting her costume on. She has to take the mouse mask off and put it on again.
  2. When (i think it Etcetera,) is on the "flying trapeze" you can the offstage person's hand pushing her. (by 'a kitten') Beginning Cassandra has Brown eyes when she says "Jellical cats have moonlite eyes.." she has brown. (by Victoria)
  3. If you watch closley, you can see Munkustrap make a clear rub on his arm during the Prolouge (Jellicle songs for Jellicle Cats) when the cats are assembled and sings about "Handeling pieces from the Messiah".(by Renard)
  4. At the very beginning of the OLD GUMBIE CAT, Demeter, Jellylorum, and Bombalurina are in the backround. Bomba is on the wrong spot, and Demeter and Jellylorum are telling her to go up to the riht spot. You can see that she is waiting for the right time to go up. (by Roseivy)
  5. During The Old Gumbie Cat when they're doing the little spinny tap things, Jellylorum loses her balance and almost falls. She continues, but is just a little too far forward to make it look uniform.
  6. At the very beginning of RUM TUM TUGGER, Munkustrap spits at Jennyanydots when the music suddenly comes on. (by Roseivy)
  7. At the beginning of The Rum Tum Tugger Pouncival can be seen fiddling around with his shoe. It almost looks like he's sucking on it.
  8. In The RTT; "If you set me on a mouse..." watch Pouncival as he hops up on the hood, you've seen him one moment and then he is gone but you'll find him in the next shot slipping down from the trunk... (by Renard)
  9. The same thing happens to Rumpelteazer; "The RTT is a curious beast... and etc." She hops in, disappears, and in the next shot she will be sitting next to Skimbleshanks... (by Renard)
  10. At the end of The Rum Tum Tugger Tugger mouths something that's not very nice at Grizzabella. If you're a kitten, don't watch it. I don't want you learning any new words.
  11. On Mungojerrie & Rumpelteazer, when they are on their butts and doin' that sort of rotating motion, Mugojerrie's foot sort of hits Rumpelteazer's leg. (by Roseivy)
  12. In the beginning of "Old Deuteronomy", the camera is once focused on Mungojerrie n' Rumpelteazer. In the next shot when Munkus sings "He's a cat who has lived many lives" etc the two cats are in a whole different pose. I don't know if this really is a blooper, but I don't think that any actor/actress in the world can switch places that quick. (byRenard)
  13. When Old Dueteronomy first reaches the stage, Jemima slides to greet him and nearly falls of the stage.(by 'a kitten') When Bombalaurina starts dancing in the Jellicle Ball and the girls and boys come you can see Rumpleteazer in the backround clapping. (by Jemimybub
  14. During "The Peke and the Pollicle" when Mungo and Rumpel are facing each other (Happened to meet) Munkus pulls up his armwarmer. He tries to be discreet, but fails. (by Marcus Bergfors)
  15. on THE JELLICLE BALL, when Mist & Tumblebrutus are doin' the fancy ballet, in the backround, Electra and Vistoria are arguing and Rump sort of breaks them up before they start dancin'. (by Roseivy)
  16. When Victoria is doin' that dance with one of the guy cats (Plato), Rumpelteazer and Rum Tum Tugger are sort of kissing at the beginning before Rump goes to Mungojerrie. (by Roseivy)
  17. When the cats pile up after the dance, Rum Tum Tugger puts his hand around Rump's waist. I think Jo Gibb (Rump) and John Partridge (Rum) are goin' together. =) (by Roseivy)
  18. Also after Victoria and Plato's dance, when they pile up, Plato puts his hand on Victoria's butt, and before everyone gets up, after Shimble Shanks, he takes it off. (by Roseivy)
  19. It looked like at the end of the Jellicle Ball rumpleteazer almost fell off the stage. She has to stop herself beore she almost falls. (by Jemima Kitty)
  20. After Dueteronomy sings 'Moments of happiness, and Jemima has already sung memory, the camera goes on Cassandra (Rebecca Parker), and her mouth is moving slower to the music.(by 'a kitten')
  21. At the "Skimbleshanks..." scene, Exotica keeps on changing costumes from that totally black outfit to that something that's gray outfit with fur. Take a look, it's annoying me. (by Amelito E. Umali)
  22. Near the end of Macavity: the Mystery Cat. Right when they get done singing and all the cats run out, in the very back Jennyanydots and jellylorum come running out. Jennyanydots kinda slides but jellylorum falls smack on her butt. I thought it was quite hilarious. (by Jemima Kitten)
  23. Near the end of Macavity: The Mystery Cat when all the queens are shouting "Macavity" for the last time, watch Demeter. Right afterwards, she makes this Elvis face which turns into a "whoopsie" face.
  24. After Macavity is gone and Rum Tum Tugger is on the car. When he's sitting but not fully. Close to him you will see a furry thing that was the mask that Macavity used to imitate Old D. But the people forgot to take it off. (by Yasamin Shenasi)
  25. In Mr. Mistoffelees; When he pulls out the red blanket from the car, Cassandra is on top of the trunk. But in the next shot (focused on the RTT) Pouncival has replaced her... (by Renard)
  26. On MISTER MISTOFFOLEES, when Mist was going to make Cassandra turn to Old D., when the other cats are putting the red blanket over her, Cassandra can be seen sitting on the big pipe. I don't know if that was in the script. (by Roseivy)
  27. Not a blooper but very cute: on the boxes that lead to the giant tyre, there are little blue paw prints on them. (by 'a kitten')
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