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Awesome Monti

(Last Updated on September 7, 2004)

Hi!  My name is Aaron Joseph Monti and I am five and a half years old.  On this site, I'm gonna tell you all about me and my family and all the fun things we do!  I just started kindergarten and can't wait to tell my teacher what I did over my summer vacation. I saw my first real rock and roll concert -- DADA -- at the Naperville RibFest on July 1st. They were awesome. Daddy and Mommy are friends with the band (they met them about 6 years ago when I was still inside my mommy -- see "Brushes With Fame" below). So here's a picture of me with my daddy, my "Uncle" Joie and my "Uncle" Phil. "Uncle" Phil sent me a pair of his used drumsticks after the tour ended. He's the greatest and I want to learn how to play drums just like him!

Three years ago, I got a little sister, Alyssa Renee and things have never been the same!

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So, here we go!!!

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