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Powder Blue Tang

Maintenance difficulty: This fish is moderately difficult to keep. But does well once it is established.

Maintenance: It is important that you feed tangs a good variety of live, frozen, and prepared formula foods with emphasis in vegetable and spirulina. Best to feed small amounts several times a day.

Habitat: Found in the Indian Ocean, from Africa to Indonesia. Swims at depths up to 45 feet deep.

Foods: Mainly found grazing on algae.

Social Behaviours: Usually found singly, they form territories in shallow moving water around reef terraces and the edges of reefs. It aggressively defends its territory and there for should only be kept singly. This tang is particularly intolerant of other tangs and should be the last fish added to the community aquarium. Sometimes they form large schools (when free algae territories are absent) to invade other fishes territories, like damsels, so they can eat their algae!

Sexual differences: Unknown.

Light: Enjoys as much light as possible.

Breeding: Not done yet I don't believe.

Temperature: Normal temperatures for salt water fish is between 75 and 79 degrees.

Length of fish: Adults can grow to 8 inches.

Minimum Tank Size: A minimum 65 gallon aquarium I recommended for this because they are active swimmers.

Water Movement: No special requirements for this species.

Water Region: Swims all over the aquarium and is usually very territorial espically to other tangs.

Availability: This fish is rarely available and is usually expensive.