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Control column $65 with purchase of any complete 727/737/747 wheel.

Control column $95 with purchase of any complete 757/767 wheel.

JETSTREAM 31 control wheel.
Nice, original, as removed, reproduction cap.

B-52 aircraft commander's control wheel.
This is special. Very rare, nearly impossible to find...
LEFT side wheel with reproduction cap, re-coated, beautiful.
All original switches as flown.
If you ever plan to acquire one, this is your chance.

DC-8 captain's control wheel, as flown, original.
All switches, and vivid history:
S/N 45632 of the rare NWA DC-8's, then:
KLM PH-DCO, Garuda PK-GEC, KLM again, Antillian,
Gulfstream American N121GA, Arca HK-3746X.
Scrapped in 1999. *Before you complain: the NWA tail number was
used again on an MD-90 once this DC-8 was scrapped.
$250 left or right, either or both.

BEECHCRAFT control wheel used on many Beech models.
Real nice, new due to flaws in the coating.

CONTROL wheel set from an early Mooney, light aircraft...I think.
Fresh powder coated in gray/brown/bronze, not too far off of the 767 Boeing color.
Quite small compared to an airline wheel, but perhaps ideal for a sim project.
Aluminum castings, well made, 15/16ths inch hole.
$150 for the pair

HOWARD NH-1, DGA-15P control wheel.
We doubt you'll find another one available anywhere.
Excellent condition; re-painted in the odd blue/green color as it once flew;
(rumored to have been painted to match exterior color).
Original cotton cord grip wrapping.

DC-8-62 Captain's control wheel from former PAA, Braniff N1803.
Last flew as Fine Air.
Original, not restored, but really nice.

DC-8-62 f/o control wheel.
Began as OY-KTD, SAS: Then SC-DDU, Scanair:
Then N762 UA, UAL: Then finally as N805AX, ABX.
Original condition as last flown, with original cap.

DC-9-41 Captain's control wheel.
As flown with original wear, and original cap.
First flew as SAS, LN-RLA, then as SAS SE-DOI, pictured.
Interesting note: The history shows only those 2 registrations, however it was torn down as N99XS.
No such tail number is shown in the registration book.
Yet the teardown sheet, which we have, shows the correct s/n, and last tail # as 99XS.

Falcon 10 control wheel.
Original leather wrap, as it came from the factory and as it last flew.
Well worn but still in good condition with correct switches.
Reproduction cap (the logo is centered even though it doesn't look like it due to the thickness of the cap; optical illusion).

C-141B Aircraft Commander's control wheel.
Excellent, original condition...very rare, all switches.
Right side…$350
We also have some with fresh powder coat…$450 right, $475 left.

B-57B control wheel.
Among the rarest of the rare.
Beautiful new powder coat, all original switches.

DC-9-32 first officer's control wheel from Midway Airlines N948ML.
Also flew as KLM PH-DNT. Re-coated, beautiful with commemorative world globe cap..

Piper Tomahawk control wheel and column.
Nice condition, and not our typical airline stuff.
We offer this because it just might benefit the collector or sim builder looking for a less expensive option.
1 1/8th inch OD shaft, mini PTT switch.
We have a a pair if you need 2.
$150 each

DC-9/MD-80 first officer's control wheel.
No switches. We try and make some of these available to collectors or sim builders who are on a tight budget.
Cheap by comparison.

757/767 first officer's control wheel.
Extremely rare and expensive.
Excellent original condition with original, sliding tab clipboard,
which alone is worth more than our price for the whole thing.

Jet Commander 1123 F/O control wheel.
Nice original plasticoat.

Excellent condition, and extremely rare.
You don't need the long tails on the columns, we can cut those off for you.
The control wheels have been removed, but can easily be re-installed.
Wheels...$250 each.
Columns...$150 each.

B-52 F/O Control Wheel.
Beautiful, fresh powder coat, all original switches.
Includes repro center cap which is worth over $300 alone.
The caps are no longer being made and are virtually impossible to find.
We acquired what we believe to be the last of the Davis Monthan B-52 control wheel inventory.
If you ever plan to add a B-52 wheel to your collection, this is a good opportunity.
We have only a small handful left, and as they sell the price will go up.

747 F/O control wheel from ZS-SAU, South African Airlines, Saudia, and Angloa, s/n 22971.

737NG/747 captain's control wheel.
Beautiful new powder coat, all switches, clipboard.

737-200 Captain's control wheel from Ryanair EI-CJC.
Excellent original condition, as shown with documentation.

DC-8/9 nosewheel steering tiller.
Original worn aluminum, but cheaper than the ones we have that have been re-coated

DC-8/9 nosewheel steering tiller...fresh powder coat.

A-300 nosewheel steering tiller...nice...with turn indicator.

MD-80/DC9, DC-8 nosewheel steering tiller with ultra rare brake set knob.
Beautiful new powder coat.

MD-80 tiller with working center cap/ brake set knob.

S-2A aircraft commander's control wheel.
Spectacular condition, new powder coat.
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S-2A co-pilot's control wheel.
Spectacular condition, new powder coat.
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S-2A control wheel,never flown.
NOS, beautiful.

727-200 captain's control wheel from UAL N7276U.
Excellent, original condition, not restored.
Includes expensive trip reminder, UAL clipboard, and original log book.
(The # 7176 on the book is the UAL aircraft number, not the tail number. There is no N7176U.)

First officer's control wheel from UAL N7276U.
Excellent condition as flown.

Beech 18 control wheel.
GORGEOUS new powder coat...ORIGINAL cap.

Nice pair of Jet Commander control wheels.
Capt. $175
F/O $150

F/O control wheel from UAL 737-222 N9006U.
Excellent original condition, with UAL clipboard and ultra-expensive trip reminder.

F/O control wheel from CAL, N39343.
Used on all 737's from the 300 on up.
Excellent original condition.
Includes rare clipboard, and removal tag.

F/O wheel from DC-8 from EAL N8614, s/n 45435, then ANA and TXI.
Beautiful new powder coat.
Includes original center cap to which we have added a close reproduction of the impossible to find logo cap.
Picture is of sister ship N812CK.

F/O control wheel from DC-8-61 N812CK.
Air Canada, TCA, Scanair, Icelandair, UAS, Am Int'l., NAS.
Beautiful new powder coat.
Includes original center cap to which we have added a close reproduction of the impossible to find logo cap.

Attention DC-8 people:
For those of you who have a DC-8 control wheel, wishing you had the original cap, we can now get you close.
We all know real ones are almost impossible to find.
Even if you had one, the special bezel/ring that holds it in place is equally rare.
What we have done is duplicate the logo which we have placed on a lens.
The lens is then mounted to a genuine DC-8 metal cap giving you a very close approximation of the real thing.
Look at the comparison photos. The DC-8 wheel shown is an early version.
The cap will work on all DC-8 wheels, early and late.
Lens only $95
Lens and cap $125

Boeing 707,727,737 control columns.
We have left and right side, including control wheel mounting gear.
$125 each

C-119 control wheel.
Very rare, excellent condition.

DC-3 control wheel. Becoming extinct, virtually impossible to find.
In fact we gave up in the USA and made a deal overseas for 3.
Thank you to our good friend Darrell in the UK for making it possible.
Original , excellent condition with ultra-rare acorn cap and grommet.

DC-3 control wheel. Becoming extinct, virtually impossible to find.
In fact we gave up in the USA and made a deal overseas for 3.
Thank you to our good friend Darrell in the UK for making it possible.
NOS, (new old stock).

F/O control wheel from AA MD-82, N224AA.
Re-coated, beautiful, as flown.

Control wheels from SWA, N673AA.
Excellent condition, as flown.
Includes expensive sliding tab clipboards.
One or both.

C-123 aircraft commander's control wheel.
NOS, magnificent condition, original switches, reproduction cap.
Becoming extinct real fast.

DC-8/9, MD-80 f/o control wheel.
This one has sand coating as many originals had.
Rough to the touch compared to the ones that have been around for 30 years where the coating has rubbed off.
Excellent condition...for some reason the camera doesn't like the rough texture so the picture doesn't do it justice.

B-47 aircraft commander's control wheel.
Outstanding condition, all original switches, repro cap.
Among the rarest of the rare.
I sincerely doubt there are more than 10 that exist in collections anywhere on earth, probably far fewer unless on museum aircraft.
TRADE ONLY...please don't ask us to sell it to you.
Will accept late P-38 wheel only in trade.
The cap is interesting. A genuine B-47 cap is virtually impossible to find.
This one has been converted from a B-52 cap by adding the B-47 graphics.
However; on the inside, it has the original B-52 engraving for the logo.
Genuine B-52 caps are also extremely rare.

Convair 880 f/o control wheel, removed from TWA N814TW.
Spectacular condition, new powder coat, all original switches.
Includes original data plate, and repro cap.
I personally removed this wheel from this aircraft at Mojave a number of years ago.
APHS actually owned the last 14 880's for a brief period prior to the massive demolition in 2000.
We tried to save them, or some, but could not, sad to say.
TRADE ONLY...please don't ask us to sell it to you.
Will accept late model P-38, or B-29/B-17/B-377.

Excellent F/O control wheel from 737-300 N326SW.
As flown, includes expensive clipboards and EXPENSIVE trip reminder.
F/O $600 (save $25)

British rotary switch as found in many UK cockpits; VC-10, BAC 1-11, many more.
NOS with factory wire loom...ultra-rare.

Alitalia DC-8 captain's control wheel from I-DIWT.
Original, as flown. Includes original logbook.

727-100 control wheels from UPS N924UP.
Original condition as flown.
(Captain wheel sold)

747 SP captain's control wheel from UAL N141UA.
Excellent original condition, includes correct UAL clipboard.

DC-9-31 captain's control wheel from EAL N8962E.
Also flew for Midway and ADC, S/N 45871.
New powder coat, includes correct, lighted clipboard with commemorative logo.

Convair 440 control wheel...ultra rare.
From SAS LN-KLD, s/n 323.
Also flew for Lineflyg, TCA, 4 Star Cargo.
Beautiful new powder coat, original switches, reproduction cap.

If you have a DC-8, DC-9 or 707 control wheel, but no way to mount the clipboard, here is the answer.
This is specially made to wrap around the center hub to accept the UAL type rectangular clipboard.

727/737 f/o control wheel.
For the collector or sim builder on a budget, you can own a genuine Boeing wheel at a bargain price.
No switches, excellent original condition.

737 control column crossover tube.
If you have to ask what this is, you don't need it.
Just about as rare as a part can be for sim builders.
Nobody on earth will pull one of these for you...except us.
Includes full set of bearings and clamps.

DC-6B captain's control wheel from SAS, SE-BDK, # 43128.
Beautiful original condition; nearly perfect, one small chip, but exceptional plastic coat.
Reproduction cap.

DC-7B captain's control wheel from National N6204B, # 45365.
Beautiful original condition; nearly perfect, one small chip, but exceptional plastic coat.
Reproduction cap.

BAE-146 Captain's control wheel...nice.

L-1011 f/o control wheel from DAL N708DL, N188AT.
Excellent condition, as flown.
Getting to be nearly impossible to find, the planes are about gone.

Among the elite, rarest of the rare...DC-7C control wheel from BOAC G-AOIF.
Outstanding condition, new plastic coat, ORIGINAL>>>>GENUINE CAP, not a reproduction.
Original, engraved switches.
The absolute "must have" for a fine collection.

Convair 340/580 control wheel from BRANIFF N3425, SIERRA and FRONTIER N73301.
Beautiful new powder coat, reproduction cap.
Still shows the wear of many hours in the air on the left grip.
We left it there as part of the history.

de Havilland Dove/Heron control wheel.
Very nice embossed center cap, correct can switch.

727-200/737-200 CAPTAIN'S control wheel...NEW.
Never on a plane, beautiful.

727-200/737-200 F/O's control wheel...NEW.
Never on a plane, beautiful.

727-200/737-200 control wheels.
Excellent original condition, all switches and wiring.
$375 Left
$350 Right

Beautiful set of Westwind control wheels, as flown, original.
Rare, original caps.
$375 left
$350 right

Lockheed Constellation control wheel.
Magnificent original condition with factory plasticoat intact.
A couple very minor chips.
ORIGINAL, GENUINE cap worth over $300 alone, NOT a reproduction.
Among the rarest, most desirable collector wheels...nearly extinct.

Aero Commander 500/U-4A control wheel.
Beautiful new powder coat, leather grips.
Has small amount of pitting in the casting on the left grip, barely seen,
caused by too many sweaty hours gripping that wheel hoping to land before icing up.

C-130 aircraft commander's control wheel.
Correct switches, new powder coat, repro cap…exquisite.

727 control wheels from BRANIFF, N7275.
Also flew as N908UP, UPS.
Excellent condition as flown: includes captain's HUD switch, modified by UPS in its final days.
One or both...

757/767 control columns.
$195 each.

Aero Commander 500 control wheel.
Beautiful new powder coat, reproduction cap.

747-200 F/O control wheel from SAS, s/n 22496. N4502R.
"Huge Viking". First flight was August 26, 1981.
Delivery date was October 22, 1981.
Other serials - EI-BZA with Philippine Airlines, N622FF with Tower Air,
and also N4502R with Scanair, Philippine Airlines, and Nigeria Airways.
Broken-up at JFK. Excellent original condition, all switches, expensive clipboard.

757/767 control wheels.
Beautiful, original condition, with expensive clipboards.
Removed from former EASTERN AIRLINES N510EA, s/n 22200, production number 20.
Delivery date was June 28, 1983.
Registered to Eastern Air Lines on August 24, 1983.
G-MCEA with Airtours International, Spanair.
A very nice piece of history.
Captain $695.
F/O $650.

Boeing trip number reminder...costs over $1000 new.

Control column clamps for virtually all Boeings.
Connects column to crossover tube.
Correct, genuine part, not a substitute....extremely rare.
$80 per set of 4.

Cessna...(what airline is that!?)...182 control wheel, leather wrapped.
We've seen these sell for over $400 each out in the real world.

737-300 and newer control wheels from PR-WJG.
Beautiful, original condition.
Expensive sliding tab clipboards, trip reminders.
Captain $595.
F/O $570.

Boeing control wheel mounting gear

737 NG type F/O control wheel from 737-300 CN-RNH, Royal Maroc.
Flew first as N486VX. Excellent, original condition.
Includes expensive trip reminder and sliding tab clipboard.
Also includes removal tag.
(Capt. sold)

757/767 control wheels.
Beautiful, original condition, with expensive clipboards, and removal tags.
Removed from AMERICAN AIRLINES N629AA, s/n 24587.
Captain $695.
F/O $650.

Matched set of King Air control columns.
Typically very expensive, as all Beech parts are.
We've seen these for sale for $1200 a pair. Not from us.


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