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727-100 glass cockpit instrument panel.
Virtually "as it flew".
Includes gear face panel, not shown and flight manual for this aircraft type.

MD-80 instrument panel, full.
Very nice, very close to the way it flew;
The airspeeds and annunciators are worth more than what we're asking for the whole thing.
In fact if you were to add up the total price of what we would charge for the individual pieces it would be well over $7000.
If you were to try and buy the pieces yourself, elsewhere, triple the price.

737 aft overhead panel...really nice.

737 aft overhead panel...really nice.

737 glareshield...bare, but cheap.
Great place to start if you want to fabricate a custom installation.

737-300 overhead panel, full*
This is a beauty.
If you were to spend 3 years trying to fill a panel of your own,
one piece at a time, it would cost you easily 3-5 times more.
Buying this complete panel saves you over $500 based on our prices for the individual modules, which are the lowest anywhere.
We know of no place on Earth that can provide a full panel similar to this at any price.
There is nothing like the real thing for your sim.
* [Does not include start switches].

737-200 main instrument panel, FULL, close to as flown, beautiful.

737-300 non-glass, main instrument panel as shown.
Includes gear panel, not visible.
Outstanding condition.

Watch our progress...

Aero Commander 680FP...actually only part of it.
A pressurized...well it was until someone sawed the nose off...light twin.
It's on a wheeled platform which is easy to move and cheap to ship.

We're going to leave it in primer so the next owner can do a really spiffy job on the finish.
We've done the heavy lifting, you can do the fine finish and save a lot of money.

2 odd 737 CB panels.
$50 each.

A-310/A-300 throttle quadrant.
An absolute rare beauty.
Extremely hard to find and in excellent condition.

757/767 Throttle least a good hunk of it.
We bought this from a company that stripped out the guts and throttles for some weird reason.
I really doubt an airline would need a throttle arm, but this is what was left.
Extremely rare in any form, and a great start for your project.

737 overhead panel lightplates.
If you've tried to buy these the cost is typically over $300 each.
$95 each.

Throttle quadrant lightplates.
$40 each.

737 glareshield with lighting.
RARE 6 packs, checklist holder; only missing one small lightplate on the right side...

Martin B-57 throttle quadrant.
Beautiful...rare...probably the only one on earth not in a plane...

Douglas A-3 Skywarrior throttle quadrant.

757 Glareshield. Missing one bumper, but otherwise very nice.

757 Throttle quadrant. Very nice quad with couple bonus items included. Very rare.

757 instrument panel with forward RT box.
You will absolutely never find another like this.
Just as if someone plucked the whole setup out of a cockpit surgically....which is exactly what was done.
Gear handle is included which alone is impossible to find.

757 circuit breaker panels...BEAUTIFUL...set of 2

757 overhead panel....RARE!


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