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727-100 glass cockpit instrument panel.
Virtually "as it flew".
Includes gear face panel, not shown and flight manual for this aircraft type.

727 overhead panel from newer GLASS cockpit.
(Yes, there are 727-100's with glass; see our full panel in this section)

DC-8-62 Main instrument panel from N 1805...historic Braniff poster plane displaying Calder art.
Excellent condition and very close to as it last flew.

MD-80 instrument panel, full.
Very nice, very close to the way it flew;
The airspeeds and annunciators are worth more than what we're asking for the whole thing.
In fact if you were to add up the total price of what we would charge for the individual pieces it would be well over $7000.
If you were to try and buy the pieces yourself, elsewhere, triple the price.

737 aft overhead panel...really nice.

737 aft overhead panel.
Lots of stuff, very close to the way it flew, depending on the airline.
Saves you about $150 compared to individual prices.

737 lighting modules for under glareshield.
$110 set of 2

737 instrument panel upper mounting rail.
Attaches to glareshield, accepts fasteners that hold panel sections in place.

737 glareshield...bare, but cheap.
Great place to start if you want to fabricate a custom installation.
$100 bare...$150 with bumpers as in photo.

737 gear panel...Rare!!
(We have gear handles too.)

737-300 overhead panel, full*
This is a beauty.
If you were to spend 3 years trying to fill a panel of your own,
one piece at a time, it would cost you easily 3-5 times more.
Buying this complete panel saves you over $500 based on our prices for the individual modules, which are the lowest anywhere.
We know of no place on Earth that can provide a full panel similar to this at any price.
There is nothing like the real thing for your sim.
* [Does not include start switches].

MD-80 main instrument panel...FULL.
Beautiful condition, very close to as flown.
There are 3 instruments that sell for over $3000 each...more than we're asking for the entire panel.

737-200 main instrument panel, FULL, close to as flown, beautiful.

737-300 non-glass, main instrument panel as shown.
Includes gear panel, not visible.
Outstanding condition.

DC-9/MD-80 annunciator panel...nice.

727-100 overhead panel.
Outstanding condition, pretty close to UAL configuration.
We can make alterations if you'd like it to approximate another airline's layout.
Nearly extinct, we have 2 left with no more in sight.

737-300 circuit breaker panels, full set.

Watch our progress...

About 6 months ago we bought this beauty; Aero Commander 680FP.
A pressurized...well it was until someone sawed the nose off...light twin.
It sat in a desert boneyard for 20 years, so when we got it into the shop it rained sand for a month every time we laid a hand on it.
We stripped out all of the rotten wiring and crap until it was fit to work on, and began the process of putting it back together.
Our intention is that once completed, we'll offer it for sale.
Nothing will work, but it will look really nifty in and out.
It's on a wheeled platform which is easy to move and cheap to ship.
Keep an eye on the progress, and if you have an interest we'll be happy to answer your questions.


2 odd 737 CB panels.
$50 each.

737-500 main instrument panel.
Includes expensive gear panel.

MD-80 Glass, main instrument panel...FULL!
Some of the instruments are outrageously expensive,
such as the 2 lighting rheostats, SAT, fuel quantity, and others.
If you were to try and find, then fill a panel like this on your own it would cost 3-5 times more.

737 overhead panel lightplates.
If you've tried to buy these the cost is typically over $300 each.
$125 each.

727 second officer's panel from AA N866AA.
Beautifully restored, immaculate condition. Nearly extinct.
The planes are about gone and the chance of finding another one in any condition is virtually zero.
Mounted on a wooden stand so it will stand alone.
Our very last 727 s/o panel...


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