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Twas the Night Before Christmas (Bay City Version)
By: Sally

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the air
Was the smell of fresh pumpkin pie
Baked by Paulina with care.

Paulina watched happily as
Joe read aloud by the fire
With Remy and Dante
Snuggled beside her to admire.

The Winthrop household
Was a much grander affair,
Except for the fact
Lila had curlers in her hair!

Funny ole Cass danced about
On his tip-toes,
While Jasmine watched on
Decked out in her ribbons and bows.

Charlie sat quietly
With a picture she held dear,
Wishing that her mama
Would reappear.

The Cottage was decked out
In twinkling lights,
You could people sighing
As they ate their one last bite.

Jake, Tyrone and the boys thought
They were going to keel
For Marley had made
A generous meal.

Donna, Marley, Vicki and Nick
Remembered past years,
For just two years ago
Husband and dad was still among the cheers.

David and Cindy
Arrive in Tanquir.
I wonder what trouble
They will get into there.

Throughout the halls
You could hear their loud groaning
"Oh, Sergei you are terrible!"
Felicia said moaning.

The Lucky Lady was celebrating
In holiday cheer,
In hopes that Chris and Toni
would soon be here.

Gary and Josie
All tucked away.
Decided to stay in bed
Until New Years Day!

The Cory Estate
Was all covered in snow,
The whole family was there
All ready to go.

Matt appeared to be
Down on his luck,
But Sean and Alli were out
Feeding the ducks.

Cameron and Amanda
Had nothing to fear,
They knew it HAD to be better
Than last year.

The twins kissed Carl
On the cheek,
As Rachel arose
From her seat to speak:

"I'd like to thank you all
For coming here,
To celebrate
This remarkable year."

"Christmas is the time
To do some reminsicing,
To mention the loved ones
That we are missing."

Mac and Ada,
Jamie, John and Justine,
Lucas and Wallingford
Ryan, Iris and Sharlene."

After all of Bay City
Laid down to rest,
Some one whispered
"Good night and God bless!"

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