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Life With Vicky
Part Two
By: Danielle

Vicky and Jake are at the hospital. Vicky is in a hospital room while Jake and the boys are waiting in the waiting room. Jake is frantically pacing, the boys are sitting in two big black waiting room chairs that would probably be more comfortable if they had no backs.

Kirkland: This is all my fault, she probably ate one of those cookies I made for her, and just passed out!

Steve: Come on Kirk, they weren't that bad, well not as bad as mom's or anything.

Kirkland: that's not the point Steven! What if we lose mom again, huh, what if she's gone for good this time Steve? I don't want mommy to die, Steve, I don't!

Kirkland is holding back tears, he is so afraid, you can see that fear and pain in his eyes.

Steve: Don't you think I'm afraid too Kirk, don't you think the only thing I want is to be at home with those brats, mom in the kitchen, attempting to make dinner? Im JUST AS SCARED AS YOU!

Jake hears there conversation and comes over to try and cheer up the boys.

Jake: Hey guys come on, your moms strong, she's not going to bail o us all now. Right, before you know she'll be at home making you burnt cookies for your lunches!!

Jake comes over and sits next to the boys. A tall man with blonde hair and hazel eyes walks over; he is wearing a white doctor's coat and a facial expression that says bad news all over it. He looks over at Jake.

Doctor: Are you Mr. McKinnon?

Jake: Yes, that's me, and you are?

Doctor: I'm Dr. Brown, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your wife has suffered from a mild drug over dose.

Jake: What did someone drug her?

Dr. Brown: As far as we can tell they were weight loss pills.

Jake: Weight loss pills, why would Vicky have weight loss pills.

Dr. Brown: Lots of mothers are concerned about their weight after pregnancy. Maybe that's why she felt she needed them.

Jake: You don't know my wife like I do. She's strong, and she loves her family and would never do anything she thought might hurt them.

Dr. Brown: Maybe your wife wasn't thinking with a clear head Mr. McKinnon.

Jake: STOP TALKING ABOUT MY WIFE THAT WAY!! She is no druggie; she is a beautiful, thin, amazing woman.

Dr. Brown: The strongest of women can have these types of problems.

Jake: CAN I SEE my wife please? Is she awake?

Dr. Brown: Yes she is, and I must advise you Mr. McKinnon, if you don't want to be kicked out of the hospital you best keep your voice down.

Dr. Brown walks away. The boys walk over to Jake, Kirkland is teary eyed. His head is slightly tilted and he is wearing an innocent face.

Kirkland: Can we come with you to see mom Jake?

Jake: I don't know guys, she uh, she is probably really tired, maybe later okay?

Steve: Come on Jake, we're all mom needs.

Kirkland: yeah, I'm sure as soon as she sees our faces she'll be good as knew!

Jake: You make a valid point buddy, but not right now.

Steve: But what Jake?? It'll make mom happy, it'll make us happy, and it'll make you happy! You will be happy, right Jake?

Jake: Well sure, why, why wouldn't I be happy?

Kirkland:  I knew you would understand!! Let's go!

Jake and the boys are outside of Vicky's room, Jake knocks on the door, and opens it. Vicky's pale dead face smiles at them as she welcomes them into her room.

Vicky: Hey I was wondering when you guys would come visit me!

Kirkland: What happened to you mom??

Jake: That's not important, all that matters is that your moms okay.

Vicky: Jake's right, now I want hugs from all my men, and a kiss from my hero.

Steve and Kirkland both give Vicky big bear hugs and step back. Jake then walks over and gives Vicky a peck on the lips and then walks to the other side of the room.

Vicky: Boys, do you think I could talk to Jake alone for a minute?

Steve and Kirkland: Sure mom.

Steve and Kirkland leave the room.

Vicky: That was harsh Jake.

Jake: What do you want me to pretend I don't know everything?

Vicky: I did this for you Jake.

Jake: Just because you have problems, doesn't mean you can blame them on me.

Vicky: Don't you think I know I'm messed up?

Vicky: Jake, the authorities are threatening to take our children away from us. I can't believe I screwed up this bad.

Jake: Well you did.

Vicky: But I still have you, and you'll help me, oh Jake I love you so much, I don't know what I would do without you.

Jake: well then you best start learning.

Vicky: What?? What are you talking about?

Jake: I'm going to be leaving the cottage for a while, just until I think you can be trusted again.

Vicky: But what about the twins, and the boys? Are you really going to make them suffer because of the mistake I made?

Jake: The kids won't suffer.

Vicky: Whys that  Jake, huh? They love you, and they need you.

Jake: I need them too.

Vicky: so then you'll stay?

Jake: No, I'm leaving, and the kids are coming with me.

Vicky: you can't be serious, Jake, I need you now more then ever, how can you just bail on me?

Jake: This happened for a reason Vic, and you need to find out why before we can just move on with our lives.

Vicky: But Jake, those kids, our kids, they need me.

Jake: NO Vic, they need a mom.

The Another World Anthology