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 Each month we will post ten trivia questions, these questions could be from recent episodes of "Another World," or from classic episodes of the show. 

 Trivia Teaser - CONTEST

Trivia Teasers will be a regular component of "The Another World Anthology" and will be part of a contest.  These will be on a point based scale and at the end of each quarter (every three months) there will be a prize for those who have the highest points. 


Deadline:  The twenty-fifth of Every Month at Midnight - No late submissions accepted
Submit answers to
Prizes will be awarded to those with highest points on February 1, 2000, May 1, 2000, August 1, 2000, and November 1, 2000 in "Bay City Bylines" Newsletter. 

One first prize:  Another World Anniversary Book
Two second prizes:  Another World Trivia Books
Three third prizes: "TAWA" T-Shirts
If tied in points, the winners must answer tie-breaker question.  All submissions will be judged with utmost fairness and non biased reason. 

Trivia Archive - This is where you will find previous trivia questions and answers

Current Trivia Teasers (Updated on the 1st of every month)
1) Where were Steve and Rachel trapped when Steve realized that he still loved Rachel?
2) Felicia Gallant's character was modeled after what famous person?
3) Who was John Caldwell and why was he in Bay City?
4) Felicia was "best man" for which two Bay City grooms?
5) John Aprea played Lucas on AW.  He also appeared one season on a prime-time soap. Name the soap, his character, his profession and who killed him.
6) Name two former AW actors and their AW characters, who later played the same character on a night time soap.  Also name the night time soap and character.
7) What was Rue McClanahan's character and profession on AW?
8) Who was Nora Diamond and who did she visit on AW?
9) Name the actress who portrayed Nora and the character and prime time show she is currently on.
10) Actress Beverly McKinsey portrayed two characters on AW. Name them.

Answers will be posted in the Trivia Archive (along with the questions) on the first of every month!!!!


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