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Eternal City  
    The trident is a relatively old weapon.  Many of the early Greek gods, espicially those who lived in the water, are said to carry a trident.  This is thought to be because the greeks, or the people they descended from, used the trident for fishing.  Fishing, of course, was the tridents main purpose as it was never used in an actual battle.  While  it wasn't used in battle, the trident did become something of a power or ceremonial symbol, espicially for sailors.  Even today, in some countries, the trident still holds a ceremonial function.  It is perhaps because of this ceremonial usage that it eventual found its way into the Roman coliseum (being as gladiator combat has it's roots in several ancient ceremonies, mainly greeko/etruscan).  The trident was used exclusively by a class of gladiator known as the retiarii, also known as the net man.  The retiarii were equipped with a trident, net and protected only by a leather or metal shoulder piece (galerus) on their left side.
    The trident of midlight has also found it's way into the arena.  Much like the spear, the trident is capable of devastating punctures, but unlike the spear is slightly more defensive.  The pronged shape of the trident allows it to easily hook an opponents blade between the prongs disarming him.  The trident is also the distinctive weapon of the Tuchean.  It is often seen being used by various pirates from the country, as well as some of their soldiers.  

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