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Eternal City  
  Spears have been used the world over for thousands of years.  Even the most primitive of nations used spears at one time, and it is no diffrent with the Romans.  Generally spears tend to range from 6 to 9 feet, with anything larger being considered a pike.  Originally used in more defensive formations in early Roman phylanxs the spear eventually evolved into the javelin, which in turn evolved into the Roman Pilum.  By the time the pilum was in heavy use, the normal spear was on it's way out in the Roman Legions, however it continued to be in use by other armies. 
  Even though I don't use one, spear's are my favorite weapon in Midlight.  Spears are a very offensive weapon, best used when not directly engaging an opponent.  Not terrible well designed for close fighting it will still handle such fighting nicely if perhaps being a tad unwieldy for the user.  Spears are also not a very defensive weapon, so it is recommended for the savy spear user to learn Armed Combat Manuvers as well.  The spear requires two hands to use properly, though a small number of moves can be done with one hand.  They tend to see more use in the phalanx's of the Aestivan League then with any other country.  Spears tend to do punctures on a regular basis, but are capable of even doing bruises.

Spears are available at:

Waike: Bronze Lane
Wooden spear - 190d

Rufus: Bronze Lane
Wooden spear - 33d 1st 1s
Cavalry spear - 1890d
Bronze tipped spear - 550d

Jovinus: Monlon
Bronze-tipped spear - 650d


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