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Eternal City  
  The spatha is a one handed sword with a blade length ranging from 2 to just under three feet, though three feet seems to be the standard.  There is even one spatha with a blade length of roughly 3 and 1/2 feet, though this weapon is from the late empire.  The spatha was originally adopted by the Romans from the celts, for the Roman cavalry.  While the gladius served the legions well, it's short size meant it was worthless on horse back.  By the time of the late empire however the spatha completely replaced the gladius as the weapon of choice for the legions.  It's length means that this weapon, can cause far greater damage then the shorter gladius, especially for stabbing attacks.
  The spatha is a favorite weapon of both the Parcines, and the northern barbarians.  Only recently has the spatha begun to be used with the armies of the Republic, taking on use predominately with cavalry units, so no stores currently sell them.  Those wishing to purchase this weapon, must talk to a passing merchant.

The Spatha is available at:

No where, you must purchase it at a custom item event.


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