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Eternal City  
  The sica was a brutal gladiator weapon.  This was the standard weapon of the Thracian gladiator.  The Thracian was a light gladiator, and the sica he carried was designed to get around his heavier opponents shield.  It would be about the size of a gladius, however the almost 90 degree bend in the weapon shortens it's actual length.  As already stated this bend was to get around an opponents shield, however, it had an even more cruel use.  If the Thracian where to slash up with the weapon, with the bend pointed up, the point of the sica, tended to catch under his foes helmet, and bury itself in his chin.  The Thracian would continue the thrust, lifting the helmet off, and slicing his enemies face open, killing him instantly.  A strong slashing weapon, espicially if used like a scythe, it is next to worthless for jabs, though the entire weapon edge is sharpened so a jab will do some damage, the sica's primary weakness is in fact it's main advantage.  The 90 degree hook in the weapon makes the sica easily blockable by a trained opponent, not only that but the hook also makes the weapon easier to disarm.
  The sica has seen use in the arenas of Iridine for close to 50 years now.  This weapon is not intended for front line battle use under any circumstances, it's only use being the flashy fights in the colleseum.  As such no store owner is willing to carry this unorthodox weapon.  Your only option to obtaining one, short of signing up as a gladiator, is to order one from a passing merchant, or skilled blacksmith.

Sica's are available at:

No where they must be bought at a custom item event.


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