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Eternal City  

Short Bow
  The bow wasn't completly forign to the Romans however it more often found it's way into the hands of the Romans allies such as the Scythians, and auxillery corps.  The bowmam in the picture above is a Scythian, who made up the core of the Roman archer corp.
   The short bow of midlight is a composite bow, remanicent of the Parthian bow, rather then the Scythian.  This means the bow is about 3 feet tall, rather then 4, and has a weaker draw then a longer composite bow.  This ranged weapon is great for picking off those nasty bandits at a distance.  Bow's of any type, however, require arrows to work.  They also require bowstrings which may break during combat.  A careful bowmen will keep an eye on his bowstring.

Short Bow is available at:

Arturus: Just off Bronze Lane

Iridine Short bow - 1250d

*A very poor short bow can generally be found in the forests along Vetallun Road.


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