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Eternal City  
   The quarterstave got it's fame, and it's name, from the English, however the weapon had been used for centuries before it saw use in the hundred year war.  Before it's formal introduction into war, the staff so it's use in both Chineese and Japaneese martial arts, and as a prefered weapon for travelers.  A quarterstave is roughly 6 and a half feet tall.  Despite what you may think, a quarterstave's main opponent is not the unarmored foe, but typically the more heavilly armored.  Heavy armor, can rarely be pierced by bladed weapons to begin with, it's main weakness is against crushing weapons, such as the staff.  It is in this way that the quarterstave was used by the English against French knights.  Unlike clubs, the quarterstave is a very defensive weapon.  A savy staff user uses his defense to open holes in his opponents attacks, at which point the staff turns from defense to offense.
    The staff has for several centuries now been the chief weapon of the Altenes.  Citizens of this city state, are tought how to use all weapons, but especially the staff since the time they can walk.  The Altenes are the only people who use the weapon for active warfare, and even then it only finds use with light skrimshers, or velites.  Outside of active warfare the quarterstave also finds favor with the Constables, and Vigiles of Iridine, for police control.   It is also the weapon my main character uses.

Thanks to: Ryan Martinez for the picture

Quarterstaves are available at:

Rufus: Bronze Lane
Quarterstave - 29d 2s

Other types of Quarterstaves must be bought from private dealers.

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