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Eternal City  
 Long Bow
  Not even close to being a Roman weapon, the long bow owes it's introduction into warfare to the people who inhabited the modern country of India.  The long bow in the picture above is 6ft tall, and made of bamboo, and was used by the Indians against Alexander the Great, during his brief campaign into India.  The Persians, as well as many African tribes employed the long bow, but the indian version was by far the longest.  The primary advantage of these bows over smaller varieties is increased range, and damage, at the cost of being harder to use, and draw.
  The long bow is seldom seen in the Republic of Iridine.  An ocassional ranger may wander into the city with one of these massive bows, but they tend to see the most use far from the Republic.  As such they are primarily a novelty item, and so are not carried by any archer shop in the city.  Should you wish to purchase one of these weapons your best bet is to place an order with a passing merchant, and hope he can lay his hands on one.

Long Bows are available at:

No where you must attend a special item event to place an order.


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