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Eternal City  
  The kopis is a weapon that owes it's origin to the Greeks, as well as the Etruscans who added some later changes.  The kopis was a mainstay of the Greek hoplites, and is the forerunner to the falcata, though the kopis continued to be used well after the introduction of the falcata.  The kopis is a one handed weapon with an average length of about 3 feet, making it equal in size to the Spatha.  The primary deference, besides size of course, between the falcata, and the kopis, is the larger curve in the kopis, making slashing damage even greater with this weapon, but making stabing attacks even more ineffective. Like the falcata it also has the same interesting hand guard.
  The kopis is used slightly more then the falcata in midlight, though not in the Republic of Iridine.  Some even say that this is the primary weapon of the mysterious Ut-Jor.  Due to it's rarety in the Republic no stores here carry it, and thus those wishing to obtain this weapon, must wait for a weapon smith to come to town.

Kopis's are available at:

No where, you must wait for a custom item event.


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