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Eternal City  
  Found more in armies modled after the Greek system then the Roman, the javelin is a highly effecitve throwing weapon.  The Greeks used a specific type of troop called the Peltast, who was only armed with javelins, and possibly a small spear.  Typically a javelin would be around 3 to 5 ft in length, and would often have a leather throwing loop at the end, to help the user throw the javelin at a greater distance.  Unlike the pilum, it is possible to use a javelin in melee combat, though not recommended.
  Javelins tend to find their way into the armies of the Aestivan League, and the Tuchean's.  The Republic of Iridine prefers to use their pilums.  While a javelin looks fairly similar to a spear, it is intended to be thrown at a foe, rather then engage him in direct combat.  It is possible to engage someone in direct combat with a javelin, but due to it's nature there is a high chance the javelin will break when being used like this.

Javelins are available at:

Rufus:Bronze Lane
Javelin 475d

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