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Eternal City  
Tuchean Hook Knife
  Due to the Tuchean's natural sailing ability it is no surprise that they would develop a hooked knife.  Traditionally this knife was used by sailors to make cutting rope, and ship rigging easier.  The rope was placed where the knife bent making a clean quick cut much easier then more conventional knives.  The hook knife makes gutting fish and other sea creatures that make up the mainstay of the Tuchean diet much easier as well.  The hook knife is not, however, merley used for peaceful activities.  It makes an excellent in fighting weapon, doing deadly slashes and ofting catching an opponent in the side slicing him wide open.  The hook knife, is only single edged making stabs with the weapon, ineffectual at best.  The blade measures slightly under a foot, and like most knives lacks a hand guard, however it is still favored by Tuchean sailors, over the dirk which tends to be favored by Republic sailors.  This makes the weapon extremely rare in Iridine, as Tuchea and the Republic are still on bad terms after the recent war.  The only store that carried the weapon recently went under, meaning the only way to obtain it is through wandering merchants.

Tuchean hook knives are available at:

No where, the foreign weapon store is no longer open, and thus the must be obtained at custom item events.


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