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Eternal City  
  The traditional dagger of the Roman legions, was known as the pugio.  It was included in every legionar's field kit, and used for an assortment of things from eating, to direct combat should the gladius break.  Like all daggers, the pugio differs from knives, in both having a longer length, 7 to 11 inch blade, and in the addition of quillons (hand guards).
  The dagger of Midlight hardly differs from it's Roman counterpart.  It is issued to all legionar's within the Republic as a standard backup weapon.  Despite being the side arm of choice for the legions, daggers have long been the weapon of many a thief and assassin, their small size making them easily concealable.  Daggers, like a gladius, do cuts all the way up to punctures depending on the material the weapon is made from and the skill of the user.

Daggers are available at:

Callia: Bronze Lane
Alanti dagger - 1t 437d 2st
Boison dagger - 2t 458d 1st 1s
Bronze dagger - 1466d 2st 2s
Tin dagger - 41d 2st 2s
Dagger - 383d 1st 1s

Bibulus: Bronze Lane
Bronze dagger - 1t 520d 3st 1s

Bragan: Vetallun Armory
Bronze dagger - 200d

Waike: Bronze Lane
Bronze dagger - 360d

Lepidus: Monlon
Iron dagger - 2t 208d 1st 1s

Jovinus: Monlon
Bronze dagger - 1600d


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