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Eternal City  
    Never used by the Romans themselves, clubs saw use primarily by Rome's Auxiliary corps, as in the picture above, and by the many celtic tribes that opposed Rome.
    Clubs are in a sense a big stick of wood that you hit people with.  They look almost identical to today's baseball bat.  Oftentimes clubs would have little bits of metal sticking out of them, making a hit much more painful.  It is primarily an offensive weapon with very little defensive moves.  Clubs are primarily used by the more barbaric people of Midlight, as well as the Blackroot mountain tribes.  The Blackroot mountain clubs are perhaps the most renowned for their size, and effectiveness.  Like Staves, clubs are bashing weapons that leave massive bruises, or broken bones.

Clubs are available in:

Rontubius: Monlon
Short, spindly hardwood club - 200d
Long wooden club - 400d
Spiked club - 800d
Banded club - 1000d
Blackroot war-club - 5t 520d 3st 1s

They may also be taken off dead brutes in the alleys but these tend to be of low quality.


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