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Eternal City  
  Originally the Cestus was simply a leather glove, with lead or iron weights at the knuckles.  This was used by the greeks for their boxing matches.  Like most things Greek, the Romans adopted it as well, using it in their own boxing matches.  Eventually however, the cestus found it's way into the arena.  Simple lead weights weren't enough, so spikes, or claws were added to the cestus.  Naturally the cestus was a brutal hand to hand fighting weapon.  According to some sources some Roman legionars even wore them into battle, though my guess is that they probably used the weighted gloves, rather then the spiked.  The picture above is a half-cestus, a full cestus would cover the knuckles as well as enclose the hands.
  The Iridine cestus has several diffrent variations.  Among these are a leather glove, with a few bronze spikes, a bronze glove, with bronze claws, and an iron glove, with iron claws.  All of these do cuts and slashes, except the leather one, that only bruises.  Those wishing to learn how to use the Cestus, should stop in at the trainers near the Colleseum.

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