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The AngelScot "family" is, admittedly, obsessed with their furkids.
We would like to introduce you to our MOST important members!!
Our FUR-Youngsters!!

Benny & Jack
have Tony & Diana Cooper
waiting on them, hand and paw!
Spoiled Stormy
an admitted "clothes scottie",
keeps Rosanne Kubicek busy
paying her credit card debt!

Ms. Chloe
has Chuck and Colleen Rafatti
wrapped around her wee paw!
Riley Rambunctious & Katie WC
the notorious Wild Child Gang
keeps Mam Carol on her toes!

O'Reilly, Maggie, & Emmitt Bad Boy
have Michelle Nuckles CONVINCED that there
is no such thing as the Bad Boy Handbook!
Miss Kyrie Alleysian
keeps Henry and Pat Ozburn
busy at the "Ozdoghouse" !!!

Midget McFeisty
has Mam Tonya Wion always busy!
Rosemary Doud's sweet, innocent scottish lad!

has the key to Mam Jeanette's heart!
Angus, Molly, Seamus, Brewster and Megan
the famous MAIN LINE 5 !
John and Ruth Wynne are the proud parents!

Duncan MacNab & Fitzroy MacTavish
are the original "cool dude" scotties
at Kim Magnuson's house!
Lizzy and Piper
Mickey Tickner's scottie snowplows!

Ms. Freddie
and Mam Jean Prophet are our
South African AngelScots!
lives in France with his Mam, Anne!

Shannon(L), Buster, & Duncan
and Mam GG
Home of the Flying Scottie !

Bella and Angus
Lori Sauls' Louisiana scotties !

If you are a member of AngelScots,
and would like YOUR furchild added to this
"Rogue's Gallery of SWEET Faces",
please CONTACT me.
I would be happy to add them.

ALL graphics on this page have been created and designed by:
Webmaster: Katie & Riley's Mam

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