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I would like to introduce to you one of our first members from across the Sea. Jean Prophet and her Scotty Freddy! This is their story, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Hello Angelscots! My name is Jean Prophet and this is my Scotty Freddy!

We live in Bloemfontein (Flower Fountain) almost dead centre of South Africa. I am a University Librarian and Freddy is a "Lady" of leisure.

I did not mean to get another dog. I have a friend who gave me a bird, and it needed sand paper. I went into a pet shop to buy the sand paper, and saw a Hamster cage about four foot off the floor filled with puppies.

I decided in a rage to "save" at least one....a small white Bloemfontein Maltese Poodle. When they opened the cage, a little black ball hurled itself out at me. I caught it. I took Bella (white) and Fred (black) home with me. Bella went to a friend with a garden.

I kept the small black bundle which the pet shop owner assured me was a minature scottie about eight weeks old. I took Fred to our vet, who inquired....."Why is she called Fred"? The vet said she could not be eight weeks old. So we decided that her birthday was December twenty fourth. Her Gotcha Day was the third of February 1996. Freddy had come home with me and became the centre of my existance.

Freddy is a SWEET, GENTLE, PEACEFUL, ADORABLE, SNEAKY, little GET-YOUR-OWN-WAY Scotty! But aren't they all!! She will NOT be locked out of where I am. If the door is closed she will shoulder charge it until either it opens or she "hurts" herself and wails pathetically. She has toys for Africa but won't play with them. They are stored in her Doggie Bed. She loves water and keeps trying to share my baths. She eats dries leaves and drinks mud.....especially where strangers can observe this "poor little animal that never gets fed"!

Freddy is now four years old going on five. I am sixty years old going on sixty one. I have fought and won against the Body Corporate of our flats who wanted to "forbid" the keeping of pets. Now most of them think Freddy is too cute for words. She accepts their acclamation with true lady like demeanour. She lies on her back so they can rub her tum!

Freddy can destroy any curtain hem just by looking at it. She buries items of clothing in her bury bowl and bones under our pillows. In short, she is a True Blue (Brindle) Scot! She's my Freddy!

Freddy the Curtain Destroyer!

If you look to the right of the photo, you will notice what the curtain hem destroyer had managed to do about one minute before I noticed!

Jean, her brother Bob and Freddy at the Botanical Gardens!

My brother Bob and I and a very annoyed Freddy, who has just been removed from the Olei where the ducks were!

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