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Our Feature Angelscot!

Jayme, Robbie and Dan Thorson with Sam, Rosie and Jina!

Robbie Showing Us Mt Fuji!
Jayme's Westie Angel Cassie.

Jayme's Birds Murphy and Sassy!


Katie and her new friends!

My name is Jayme Thorson. My family and I live in Lakeville, Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis. My husband's name is Dan and we have a 10 year old son, Robbie. We have three Westies...Rosie (10), Sam (8) Jina (almost 2) and a Scottie rescue, Katie (about 4). Many of you know that Katie was one of the Tennessee 5 and we were lucky enough to be able to adopt her from Linda Bell! We also share our home with two birds! Sassy is a Black-headed Caique and quite a character! She loves everybody and is afraid of nothing. Murphy is our Cockatiel and he hates everybody but me! He should have been born a Hawke...but deep down he is a big softie! The neighborhood children also seem to think we are the local shelter for any abandoned or injured bunnies and birds, but thankfully things have been slow so far this spring! I guess that explains why I go by ZOOMOM10 on line! (the ten because we were 10 ten family members when I signed on.)

I have always loved dogs and as a little girl felt one was not nearly enough. My mom used to say "Wait until you grow up and have your own can have as many animals as you want!" I don't think she had any idea I would hang on to that idea as strongly as I have! :-)

We got our first Westie in 1988 while we were living in England. Cassie stole our hearts and we knew we would always have a Westie in our lives. Two years later, about the time Robbie was born, we added Rosie to our family. We felt she would give Cassie some companionship while I was busy with the new baby. They became "solutes" in a very short time. From England we moved to Korea for a year and then on to Tokyo. It was at that time we added Sam to our group. We had hoped to mate him to both Cassie and Rosie, but he prefered having them as sisters, so it never happened. In 1995 we returned to the USA.

In January of 1999 we lost Cassie to Addison's disease. It was one of the hardest things I have ever been through and she still lives on in my heart. She was the "special dog" that we are all lucky enough to have at some point in our life that impacts our lives forever. Rosie and Sam had such a hard time moving on as well..they missed their buddy. So in May we brought Jina over and she definitely brought some new life to the group! She was very slow to learn that Sam was the boss and wouldn't take no for an answer from Rosie when she wanted to play! All of these things really helped to get the "oldsters" active again! all of our Westies are from a Westie breeder in Kent (England) that has become one of my dearest friends. She and her husband are Robbie's Godparents.

It was also early in 1999 that I sought out the lists as a way to cope with Cassie's death. Who would ever thought that it was these very same lists that wuld change my life? In addition to meeting some wonderful friends...I have learned a great deal about dogs and rescue, and have had the oportunity to be able to help in many different ways. In the fall of 1999, I was invited to join Angelscots and met some really great people. Through this list that I learned about the Tennessee 5. Linda Bell can tell you I started asking about Katie and Heather about the same time. I just could not get them out of my mind. When they started to be part of my dreams I knew it was time to ask if we could adopt one of them! On January 16, 2000, Katie - our first Scottie - became part of our family after a long journey from Tennessee! I will be forever grateful to Linda, Mickey, Luann, and Laura for helping to bring her to us. She fit in with the Westies immediately and is slowly becoming more and more comfortable with our family. She is my shadow and never lets me get too far out of her sight. She is such a sweetie and has really stolen our hearts.

Please enjoy the pictures of my family!

Jayme Thorson

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