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Feature AngelScot of the Month!

Feature AngelScot of the Month!

Peggy Harness! Our Original Angelscot List Owner! Peggy has stepped back to just moderating now.

Peggy, Lillith & Annie Rose!

Our Favorite Threesome Again!

Lillith Faire!

Peggy's Annie Rose!

Peggy's Scotty Angels "Tavish" & "Dougal"

Peggy's Daughter Amanda!

Peggy's Story!

Hi, my name is Peggy Harness and I live in Belton, Missouri, which is just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. I have one non-furchild--Amanda--who is almost 28 years old. She and her partner Jill, are expecting my first grandchild (we're pretty sure it's a boy!) in late March or early April 2000. They live in Independence, Missouri, about 45 minutes from me. I live with two furkids, Annie Rose (a mixed breed rescue from the Kansas City pound) and Lillith Faire (a wheaten scottie from Kansas City Scotty Rescue-they rescued her from a pound in St. Louis, Mo.) I am on disability retirement from the Federal Government after having worked for 15 years for the Social Security Administration and 7 years for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Sweet Annie is my somewhat reserved, but very loving protector. Thanks to the gift of a Doggie Door from fellow list member, Jillian Barrett (who Annie positively ADORES), Annie is now free to guard the backyard all night long from Bunnies, people in the neighborhood, and anything else that goes bump in the night! She must go in and out the doggie door at least 200 times a night--checking to be sure all is well inside and out! If she comes back inside and doesn't see me in my usual place in the livingroom, she goes tearing through the house (a small one) checking the bathroom, computer room, etc. until she makes sure no one has stolen her mom while she was guarding outside!

Lillith is my Pudgy Princess who lives to eat and give kisses! She is a darling blonde couch potato (takes after her Mom--well, just the couch potato part!) who, just about the time you start thinking how easy going she is, will decide to turn all scotty, dig her heels in, and become stubborn as a mule! She is far too something or other to use the doggie door--Mom must open the door for her and wait for her to come back inside! She is my little velcro dog, stuck to my side almost all the time. She sleeps at my feet, on my head, or draped across me, whichever position suits her best at the time!

I started Angelscot in September 1999 (at the suggestion of Evelyn Colbath, first AS member!) due to some problems on another list and because we wanted a place where we could "talk" freely about anything and everything--scottie or non scottie--in an atmosphere that was friendly and open. I have been delighted at the reponse (we have 70 members at this moment) and at how quickly AS has turned into a "family" of folks who care about each other.

My very first scottie--the love of my life--was Maggie May MacTavish (Tavish) who came to live with me in 1986 when she was unwanted and mistreated in her first "home". She was also from St. Louis, mo. and I smoetimes fancy that she and my Lillith may be related somehow. Tavish was my constant companion and beloved friend. When she came to me, she was so afraid of people she wouldn't let me even touch her--something I never experienced with any other dog. Love and time overcame most of her fears--though she was always leery of strangers--and for many years we slept cuddled side by side with my arm around her. I lost her to Lymphoma in 1995 and will miss her all the rest of my days.

Seamus Patrick MacDougal (Dougal) joined our family in 1989. My vet called one day and said he had a scottie puppy that was left from a litter and no one wanted him! He said I already had one scottie, didn't I need another? I told him I'd come up to meet him and consider taking him. What a joke! He came home with me that very day, of course, and was my silly, sweet boy until I lost him to cancer in 1998. Dougal's Fund is named after my boy--I urge you to checkout the website, (link below) to learn more about his story and about how other scotties have been helped and continue to be helped.

That's pretty much my story and my family! Welcome to all my Angelscots and I look forward to years of continued "extended family"!

Dougals Fund Web Page!

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